Women’s Day Special – unique Gifts

Women’s Day Special – unique Gifts


Women’s Day Special – unique Gifts

Women’s day is around the corner and everyone who loves and respects the women in their life celebrates their presence and influence on them. The talk is all about women empowerment and identifying and helping more women who need the support. But when it comes to those women within their family, their friend’s circle and professional life, people seldom acknowledge them at a personal level on this day. Probably the working women receive a token of appreciation collectively from the men at work, but it might not leave a personal impression on them. What about the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and partners at home who yearn for special attention on this day?

Okay it’s not like you never got gifts for them, but have you ever laid a thought to how much the gift is personal to them or what changes it brings to their lives? It is not the monetary value of the gift but the intention behind it and the impact it creates in their life that truly matters. It should show all your love and your wishes for them in a way that is evident, yet also have personal meaning to them.

Women's Day Special - unique Gifts 1At Mantra we have an extensive range of idols, Puja accessories, traditional and contemporary home décor to choose from. The artefacts all possess positive vibrations that will cleanse the space of your beloved women and uplift them with their divine energy. Here are a few ideal gifts for the various women in your life that will create a lasting memory and become cherished possessions.

Saraswati idol

For that charming little sister who is still in those innocent days of school and college. The handcrafted Saraswati idol is made from the finest brass and bronze. Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom. This beautiful idol will inculcate the values of learning and instil the thirst for more knowledge. When they pray before the idol every day before going to school or college and offering Prasad every Thursday, they will achieve academic and Extra-curricular excellence. As we all know how education is important in making a strong and independent women, the Saraswati idol makes an excellent gift for those still in their academic days.

Lakshmi idol and Lamps

For the newly married or bride to be, who is leaving for her new home with teary eyed farewells to you. The new bride is envisioned as Goddess Lakshmi who will bring luck and prosperity to her new home. Why not make a gift of Lakshmi herself for this wonderful women who can step into her new life with an auspicious symbol with her. Lakshmi is the Goddess of all material wealth and fertility. To live a prosperous life, she needs to be blessed with abundance and having Lakshmi’s presence gives her exactly that. She can pray to Lakshmi everyday perform Pujas on Friday to invite Lakshmi into her home, while revelling in the divine energy of the Lakshmi idols and lamps.

Women's Day Special - unique Gifts 2 Natraja idol

For the women who sing and dance their way through life. Women are the highest practitioners of the fine arts. Why not gift them the very divine being they adore. Nataraja is the Lord of Dance and is also well versed in all the fine arts. He presides over their learnings and imbibes in them the confidence and courage to perform. His divine energy flows through their body in their stroke of a pen or brush, the stomp of dainty feet and the lilting melodies that sway the people around them. Nataraja’s presence in their life will enforce the commitment they have towards the arts. He will ably guide their every move and endeavour to shine in their respective fields. If they perform daily puja to him before beginning practise and before stepping on stage to perform he will ensure they succeed.This gift shows your appreciation for their talents and implies that you support them in their ambitions, no matter what.

 Ganesha idol

A Women takes on various roles in her life. She is an adoring daughter, a fierce competitor, a loving wife, a doting mother and the unfailing grandmother. Each phase she enters in her life presents new challenges and tasks. Every women has felt the pressures and burdens begin to overwhelm her at some point in her life. Gifting her a Ganesha idol will ensure she is always protected by Divine power. Ganesha is the God of all auspicious beginnings and the remover of obstacles. We know women face so many obstacles in their way to what they want to achieve. Ganesha will guide her on the path of righteousness and bless every step she takes. When she begins each important event in her life and every day with a prayer to Ganesha, she becomes an unstoppable force and the woman that you wish her to be.

Contemporary home décor

For that girl who just loves decorating her space and redoes it at least once a month. A Woman has the ability to make anything given to her more beautiful and more useful. She deserves to surround herself with sheer beauty and positive imagery. Home décor is a sure fire gift that will evoke her emotions. Every time she looks upon the gift she will be reminded of the person and the love behind the gift. Our home décor range is made from brass and bronze and finished in Brass, coper, Silver and 24kt Gold. You can pick the finish that best suits their personality and their décor. The artefacts also imbibe the space with positive vibrations that attract all the qualities for a successful life. In beautiful designs that spread cheer, the artefacts will become her household treasures.

Buddha idol

The fast growing economy has necessitated that women have to work and provide for the family as well. They have to look after everyone as well as deliver the commitments at work. This creates a lot of undue stress. With the wellness products you have provided for their physical health, but what about their mental health? Gift them a Buddha idol which they can always keep in their vicinity, be it at home or their office space. The presence of Buddha is a soothing influence on the mind. The vibrations of a Buddha idol keep the space productive in a calm manner. It alleviates any unwanted aggression and gives them the strength to endure. It enables a smooth work life balance which is critical for women these days. The Buddha idol will show them that you want them to have a peaceful life while achieving success at all fronts.

Wellness Range

Women’s health issues are a topic of concern all over the world. The current lifestyle and work life balance is taking a toll on everyone, especially women as they are more liable to work and maintain the home and family. You can contribute a little towards their health by gifting them the Mantra wellness range of products. There are copper flasks, Silver coated copper flasks and Kansa Dining ware. Including these products in their everyday food routine will enhance their health and help them lead a more active life. Copper and Kansa are proven anti-bacterial agents and are essential elements required by the body. Food consumed from them retains their freshness and absorbs the metal ions. They balance the enzyme and hormone production, boosting the metabolism. They can even delay the onset of cancer. They boost immunity and improve skin and hair. Gift them a healthy life with the Wellness range.

The gift of Choice

We have evolved from the ancient times where every decision of a woman was under the guidance of an elder or male peer. Most decisions were made for them with little to no choice but to accept it. This women’s day you can make a step to giving Women their choice by gifting them choice. Mantra’s Gift cards enable them to browse to their heart’s content through our beautiful collections. As each woman has different personality and tastes, let them choose the one or more gifts that they know they will find happiness with.

Women's Day Special - unique Gifts 3Bring them down to our stores or browse our collection online at our website www.mantragoldcoatings.com and pick the product that will change their life for the better.

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