Why do we keep brass at home?

Why do we keep brass at home?

A Brighter Future with Brass!


We all lead hurried lives that keep us on our toes all day and most times well into the night. We get so little time for self-care and to relax. From rushing to work, to taking care of chores and running the family, 24hours is just not enough. Weekends are no better with catching up on pending chore. Sure there are activities that are good for the mind and body, but sometimes we just wish we could throw up our feet on the sofa and relax at home. What can we do to ensure the little time that we do get to destress is productive and has the maximum positive impact on us.

First things first before we engage in any activity for stress management, we need to ensure the environment we are in, is conducive to this end. Right from the food and water we consume to the décor of our space everything needs to be full of positive energy. This can be easily achieved by incorporating the ancient metal alloy of Brass in our everyday lives. Brass helps us destress organically over the period of time with its presence in and around us. Let us look at the different ways to include brass in our day.

Brass utensils

Brass is a composite alloy of Copper and Zinc. Copper and Zinc are essential elements for the human body to function in a healthy manner. Copper is a great Anti-Bacterial Storage vessel. String water overnight in a brass vessel will destroy most germs in it and purify the water. The copper and Zinc also migrate into the food or water. These migrated ions are adsorbed into our body along with the food. Copper boosts collagen which is essential to keeping our skin supple and youthful.

There are three Ayurvedic Body types for humans – The Vatha, Pitha and Kapha types. For those who possess a Kapha type body, copper is a key ingredient in maintaining physical well-being. They are prone to respiratory illness and sudden weight gain. Intake of copper gives them an immunity boost which automatically takes care of these ailments. Brass also regulates enzyme and hormone production. It corrects the digestive system and has great anti-oxidant properties. By increasing the metabolic rate, it aids in digestion. It improves haemoglobin count and helps one avoid the onset of anaemia. On the psychological front, they are known to control Pitta or Aggressive nature, making us more mature and calm. This is the scientific reason that brass was in prevalent use in the kitchen of older day homes. Our forefathers knew the importance of this metal and its impact on our body.

Brass vessels were also used for cooking in addition to storing food. But brass is a dense metal with a high temperature tolerance. This makes the cooking process slow and cumbersome. So why did they use the brass vessels anyway? This is due to its preservative properties. Food cooked in brass retains its texture and flavour. They can also be preserved for a longer time. This came in useful at a time when there were no cold storage units.

It is important to note that one cannot use the brass vessels for citrus foods and drinks like tamarind and lemon based foods.

Brass Décor

Over time many of the original objects our ancestors used have lost their functionality and become obsolete. They were lost to us for quite a few generations too. But now people are realising the worth of our rich culture and heritage. They are digging up the old family brass heirlooms and setting them up for display with pride. Few of them have also regained their functionality but in different ways than the original versions.

There are beautiful lamps in various designs that can be used as lamps or as a static part of the décor. Brass Urulis and other vessels have been turned into elegant water bodies and decorative bowls. Brass frames and wall hangings are making a comeback as they are versatile, and blend into any kind of décor. From antique look to a brilliant burnished finish they can be finished to your tastes.

Their aesthetic is not the only factor to bring brass décor into your home. It is also a powerful metal the impact of which is wholly positive. Like every object or being, brass also has an inherent natural frequency. This natural frequency is a soothing one that calms the human mind. Water placed in a brass Uruli is capable of absorbing any negative energy in the space and cleanses the room. The metal itself acts as an effective protective barrier that induces a productive, stress free space.

Why do we keep brass at home? 1Brass also has divine significance. One can find a lot of Puja articles and lamps made from this wonder metal. Brass lamps are given to brides as heirlooms. One must wonder why there are so many brass objects in a place where we are trying to communicate and reach out to the Gods. Brass acts as a conductor of divine energy. Its positive vibrations help us focus on our prayers and maintain pure thoughts throughout the rituals. Lighting a brass lamp is said to attract the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi to enter our homes and bless us with abundance.

Vasthu Shastra dictates that a brass bowl of water be placed in front of any Buddha idols we may have at home. Brass objects can also be placed at the entrance of the home and in the northeast corner of the living room. All these positions are meant to create a protective aura around the home and cleanse the energies of the people there.

The benefits of brass are numerous and it is important to have the metal in our immediate vicinity and everyday use. While you are looking for options in brass, why not browse handcrafted products from Mantra Gold Coatings. We source ethically produced handcrafted artefacts direct from the artisans. The brass items are also available in various finishes in Copper, Silver and 24kt Gold as well, to suit the tastes and desires of every customer. Visit out stores in Chennai or our website www.mantragoldcoatings.com for the full range of our brass collection

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