What bells can do to your lives will amaze you!

What bells can do to your lives will amaze you!

Being Indian, especially being a Hindu will constantly keep us in the presence of a particular object, the Bell. The puja room at home, the décor of a traditional home, the lamps, the weekly excursion to the temples always places us within a few feet of the bells. Why does this very specific object gain such popularity and proximity to our everyday lives?

This practice is not only endemic to India but is spread throughout most regions of Asia and other religions in the area. The therapeutic sound of bells is a soothing break from the otherwise raucous cacophony of sounds that surround us. Read on to find what they can do to your lives and how and where to use them at home.

A powerful Cleanser

What bells can do to your lives will amaze you! 1The most common instance of the bells is in the Puja room. Like our skin getting refreshed and cleansed after using a cleanser, our mind needs cleansing before participating in the darshan. This is to ensure our thoughts remain pure, and we project only good vibrations to the others around us. This will help us connect with the divine energy, which is only accessible to pure souls. The sound of the bells vibrates at a frequency that pushes away any negative energy within us, preparing us for a divine experience.

Wards off Evil

The bells are rung during the Puja while the lamps are being lit. The sound of these bells ward away any evil or negative energy surrounding the home. Anyone who is in the vicinity of the ringing bells is immediately protected against evil intentions and forces. This keeps the house in a peaceful atmosphere and in a protective aura.

A Burst of Consciousness

The sound of the bell is like a waking call. When our mothers rise early to light the lamp and ring the bell, the sound rouses both our body and mind to an alert state. This clears our head of any weariness and gives a burst of energy that keeps us refreshed. During the evening prayers, the sound of the bells will wake us from the tired state brought on by the stress of the day. It clears the mind and helps us face any struggles. The bell sound will harmonise the functions of the left and right brain, keeping them working in tandem for a productive day.

Auspicious vibrations

The sound of bigger bells is like the primordial sound “OM”. When they are hung at home and rung during the day, it sends off auspicious vibrations. To life a fruitful life we need every moment to be auspicious. All our endeavours must be carefully construed within auspicious timings and surroundings. This can be achieved by ringing the bells at home. This accompanied by prayers and other rituals will alter the energy levels at home and keep us in fortunate circumstances.

The Balance of Karma

The ringing of bells can destroy the impact of any bad karma that we have accumulated over the ages. The Karmic burden is carried over many births due to our actions in the past and present. However the sound of the bells can dispel the sins. Whoever is present during the ringing of the bells during Pujas will be lightened of their Karmic influence. This is verified by the Slokas in the Skanda Purana.

A healing influence

The sound of bells have both a psychological and physiological impact on us humans. The vibrations produced by the sound can activate the healing chakras in the body. These chakras, once activated have a direct and distinct influence on different organs of the body. They can rid the body of diseases and aches that have persisted despite medical intervention. Such is the power of bells. This will also lighten the burden of our previous births.

Mental wellness

The mental stress caused by the illnesses and fatigue will also disappear in the presence of ringing bells. The sound of bells will lend clarity to the mind and revive the brain. We are living in an overworked and stressful environment that leaves us no time to rejuvenate. But the simple ritual of the morning and evening puja, accompanied by the ringing of bells will alleviate all the accumulated strains of our everyday lives. Meditating to the soothing background of bells will enhance the experience. This therapeutic healing is becoming popular among even foreigners who have recognised it for its immense benefits.

What bells can do to your lives will amaze you! 2Fountain of Fortune

Bells have the capacity to turn any space into a harmonious, energy filled room. If there is any residual energy that is stagnated at a single location, the sound of bells will release it and spread it uniformly through the space. They will enable the free flow of energy around the home. This energy will in turn attract only positivity and prosperity. Luck will flow into the home from all directions at the ring of a bell. The same is applicable to our body and mind as well. It releases any pent up energy within ourselves.

Feng Shui of Bells

Feng Shui is the East Asian Science of structuring a home and decorating it to reap the maximum benefits from this positioning. There is an entire section dedicated to bells in Feng Shui. It is associated with different symbolism in different contexts. They can attract favourable energy which will bring good fortune into your home.

You need to place the bells wherever you need to have the flow of positive energy. Thus it is recommended that it be hung at the front door, which is the entrance for both people and entities to enter the home. When hung at the entrance it envelopes the home in a protective aura and eliminates negative energy.

When hung in the Puja room it dispels any negative energy that interrupts the rituals and clouds the minds of the people in the home.

It has also become an object of fancy, replacing the calling bell. When any visitor comes to the house, they ring the bell, and enter the home with its auspicious vibrations and with a clear mind and pure thoughts.

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