A spiritual home is a peaceful home. The Gods of your home need an abode of their own, and Mantra designs the best Vastu compliant Pooja Mandirs that are built to channel spiritual energy into your home and hearts. With the help of our Pooja Mandir experts, you can design the perfect Mandir or even an entire room to suit your tastes and décor theme.

Like every other Mantra product, the Mandirs are of the finest quality, made from handcrafted metal, wood, or combinations of both, in rich, luxuriant designs. Mantra has a vast collection of standard Pooja Mandirs in floor mounted, wall mounted, and standalone models. The carvings, accessories, and finish can be customised to your preferences. We are well known for our hassle free, on time deliveries.

Floor mounted Mandir in dark walnut finish with storage shelves and gold plated copper embellishments.
Floor mounted Mandir with a gorgeous gopuram topped with gold plated Kalasams, kumils, and bells.
Custom shelf Puja Mandir with storage draws, and laser cut, gold plated MS steel panels on the doors.
Floor mounted Mandir with lotus patterned base in a dark walnut finish to contrast the Gold plated ornamentation.
Dasavatar puja Mandir set with copper Dasavatar panels on the door, and figurines along the frame with carved arches.
Floor mounted puja Mandir set on a lotus base with an opulent backdrop of Tanjore paintings and gold inlay on wood.
Wall mount Mandir with carved pillars and Gold plated bells, kumils and Kalasams, with a granite base to house idols.
Floor mount Mandir with a laser cut geometric patterned backdrop with gilt edge frame, adorned with hanging bells.
Custom puja room with copper panel doors, and gold plated inlay on the frame, with carved metal embellishments.
The blessings of Maa Lakshmi shines upon the home, with the Ashtalakshmi Door panels. The Puja mandir door features the Ashtalakshmis embossed in 24kt Gold Plated copper panels. With their collective grace, they bring all the qualities of peace and prosperity into your home.
Pooja Mandir Projects 12Divine handcrafted Puja Mandir that serves as a humble abode to your favourite Gods. Rich dark wood, complemented by 24 kt Gold Plated copper Kumils and Kalasams. The Mandir is Vastu compliant and brings a cleansing energy to your space for a harmonious Puja experience.
Pooja Mandir Projects 13Luxurious Puja mandir framed by a backdrop of hand-painted traditional Tanjore paintings. The Mandir and the paintings are adorned in 24 kt Gold Accents. The Gold creates a regal ambiance and cleanses the space. It also attracts all the qualities of prosperity for a bountiful life ahead.
Handcrafted brass Mandir in Multi-tone finish. The Brass, Copper, Silver, and 24 kt Gold attract positive energy that cleanses your home. The metals create a divine Puja space, by attracting all the qualities for a prosperous life. The divine beauty of the mandir keeps you elated in its mere presence.
Handcrafted floor-mounted Puja mandir in rich dark wood, complemented by 24 kt Gold plated kumils, kalasams, and bells. The Mandir gives a beautiful elegance to your home while being a soulful home to your favourite Gods. The Gold creates a positive sphere of energy for a peaceful life
Handcrafted wall-mounted mandir in warm brown wood, complemented by 24 kt Gold plated copper kumils and kalasams. The beautiful Mandir exudes a calming energy that keeps your home peaceful and productive. The copper and Gold cleanse the aura of your home, making it a welcoming space.