Impressive traditional and contemporary decor to up the ante of your home’s exteriors. Create the most stunning first impressions with Mantra’s line of idols and home décor. In all shapes and sizes, they transform your home’s exteriors into a stylish statement. Powerful imagery in visually pleasing designs greet your guests before they even step into your homes.

Handcrafted by local artisans, these brass and bronze pieces carry the soul of India. The pieces exude a pleasant energy that envelopes your home in a positive aura. Our design experts create custom designs that make what you envisioned come to life with our artistic brilliance. The decor is available in gorgeous finishes of brass, copper, silver, gold and enamel. The pieces are prepped for outdoor exposure with special protective lacquer, ensuring they stay as good as new, always.

Tranquil garden meditation corner, complete with a handcrafted Buddha in rich earthy tones of brown, with a serene expression
Intricately wrought traditional brass uruli, set with peacock reliefs, lamps, and bells, lending the ethnic touch to your home
Carved brass bell, featuring reliefs of Hindu Gods, elephants, and floral motifs, to replace your conventional calling bell
Elegant brass sculpture of lotus flowers, leaves, and buds perfect for setting up a waterbody in your garden nook
Handcrafted Ganesha wrought in Brass and finished in Gold, for wishing your guests prosperity and peace as they enter your home
Beautiful handcrafted brass planters burnished to a gold like polish, to add a luxuriant ambiance for garden parties
Symbolic brass sculpture depicting men climbing the walls on ropes, perfect for those powerful workplace exteriors
Beautiful brass waterbowl for birds embellished by foliage and brass birds to spruce up your garden décor
Custom, handcrafted name plates designed in complementing wood and metal to highlight the personality of your home