Six Super Foods to boost your immunity

Six Super Foods to boost your immunity

The need of the hour in this COVID 19 pandemic is to boost our immune systems. A heightened immune system not only helps provide a protective barrier against the Corona virus, but also keeps us in a sustained state of good health. It can protect us against a slew of common illnesses. The Corona virus seemingly affects those with weak immunity and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore let us take steps to improve upon our health.

A lot of our health issues arise from junk eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The newly introduced foods are chock full of synthetic flavours and additives that have an adverse effect on our immune system. The body becomes susceptible to microbes and other organ dysfunctions. Healthy eating habits can be cultivated right at home. The average Indian Kitchen and pantry are filled with wholesome foods, spices and herbs that are brimming with benefits. Here you can read about 6 Super foods that give our immunity a much needed boost, keeping us youthful and healthy always.

Citrus fruits

Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 1India is home to many native citrus fruits. From the humble amla to the world famous Nagpur oranges, citrus fruits are easily available in both home gardens and markets. They are rich in Vitamin C which is vital for improve our immunity. Some of the commonly available citrus fruits are Amla, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Sweetlimes etc. They help the body fight off infections. The body does not naturally produce vitamin C. Thus you need to supplement it with your diet, by including citrus foods. Consume them as as such or as juices to bolster your vitamin C levels.


Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 2Garlic is quite prevalent in the Indian cuisine, especially south Indian food. It adds a delicious flavour to the food while helping with the digestion. Along with amazing properties that help fight infections, it also has other side benefits. It can clear out the arteries and lowers the blood pressure. It also aids weight loss when consumed on an empty stomach, early in the morning. It’s healing properties come from Allicin, a high concentration sulfur compound. The smell can be a  little off putting when consumed raw, but there should be nothing stopping you from adding this wonder food to your veggies, gravies and pulaos, and garlic rotis are a delectable treat as well.


Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 3The wonderfood we turn to when we are sick. Colds, Indigestion, fevers etc all call for potent brews of Ginger than can cure them away. It has inflammation reducing properties which can reduce sore throat and other inflammations within the body. It can control nausea by subsiding the feeling of dizziness. It contains the compound Gingerol, which is a relative of Capsaicin. Recent studies have proven that it can have a direct impact on decreasing chronic pain. It also has the capacity to control cholesterol levels. It can be consumed by adding it to spice our foods. It is also brewed into teas and plain ginger concoctions that are more effective. Drinking warm water with ginger, lemon and honey in the morning will cleanse the body and also helps in reducing weight.


Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 4This bland and mostly overlooked food, is an excellent gut cleanser and revitaliser. It is a highly recommended probiotic. It contains beneficial bacteria that are needed for our body to function smoothly. The microbial culture in curd will activate our immune system. You need to consume curd that has been prepared at home, compared to those that come prepackaged or the ones with added flavours. If you do prefer a sweeter palate, then sweeten it yourself with a little honey. Curd is packed with Vitamin D. It enhances calcium absorption and boosts the immune system. Make curd as part of your daily meals, specifically lunch. You can also consume a bowl of curds with nuts and honey for a healthy snack.


Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 5Indian Food is seldom without this popular kitchen spice. But the reason that it has gained so much popularity is that Indians treated food as their natural medicine. This spice has been well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, especially related to the bone. It can bring down susceptibility to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can help protect against infections. The compound Curcurmin in Turmeric is what imparts its characteristic and distinct yellow colour. It can help relieve muscle fatigue and repair minor muscular damage. Turmeric is added to most of our Indian cooking. It can also be brewed with water and cumin to be had in the morning to directly reap its benefits.

Sunflower Seeds

Six Super Foods to boost your immunity 6When so much importance is being given to nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts etc, most people tend to bypass this humble seed that is overshadowed by the other popular snacks. Sunflower seeds are full of essential nutrients like Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Phosphorus. They are also good anti oxidants because of the Vitamin E in them. Vitamin E is one of the important compounds that helps regulate the immune system.  They can be consumed directly or mixed in with other nuts and seeds for a snack. You can also spice it up with flavours but eating them plain is recommended.

Try these amazing superfoods that are readily available in your pantry to give your immune system a level up. Indian foods, spices and herbs are chock full of nutrients and the average, authentic Indian meal is well balanced with all the necessary nutrients for streamlined body functions.

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