Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world.

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world.

The worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic has had us scared and confused, locked up in our homes for the better part of the past three months. The situation has been handled pretty well by the authorities the world over and is being brought into control, with many states declaring zero new cases. The situation is coming back to normalcy, with offices and businesses opening up, if not fully, at least with a skeleton staff. Although the governments and other essential service workers are doing their best to curb the spread of the virus, it is also our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. As we are faced with stepping out, back into the real world, we must ensure we are sufficiently protected to keep ourselves from getting infected and inadvertently getting our loved ones infected as well. A few simple measures can reduce the risk of infection significantly.

Travel with care

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 1Don not leave the house without a mask on. The mask has to cover your nose and mouth completely. Don’t forget to always carry a small hand sanitiser dispenser with you. Tag it to your bag so that you don’t misplace it or forget to bring it along with you. Make sure your ride to work is strictly from home to work and back home again. Don’t make unnecessary stops and engage with other people. Since public transport has not be opened yet, use your personal vehicles, following the rules set by the government. Always wear your mask, cover your head with helmet if travelling by two wheelers. You cannot have a pillion rider with you. If a family member has to go to work too, see if you can drop them by having them seated at the back. This is strictly applicable to cars. Keep the car windows up, if it is sufficiently air conditioned. Once you travel back home, thoroughly sanitise your effects like keys, phones, ID cards etc and take a bath before you mingle with others. Soak the clothes in water and disinfectant and put to wash.

Workspace Hygiene ethics

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 2Before you enter the workspace, always use hand sanitiser to clean your hand, right up to the mid arm. Instead of having the housekeeping staff clean up your space every day, you can sanitise your desk and chair by yourselves. This helps avoid multiple people from touching all the surfaces. After sanitising your work desk and electronics, wash your hands and face thoroughly. Even at work, make sure you have the mask on all the time.

Social Distancing

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 3Since the businesses are running with lesser number of people than usual, practise social distancing by putting chairs and desks 6 feet apart. If the cubicles are fixed, then sit in alternate ones instead of grouping yourself together in a small space. This is key to avoiding possible infection. If people start bunching together and talking, do remind them of the situation and why social distancing is important.

Allow for Fresh Air

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 4If your workplace has central air conditioning, especially one that is shared by multiple offices on the same floor or building, switch off the air conditioning. It is one of the fastest ways for the COVID19 virus to spread. Leave the doors and windows open. Use standalone fans or coolers for the time being, until we hopefully eradicate this virus altogether or a vaccine is found.

Bring your own tableware and food

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 5The earlier practise at work would have been people using the same mugs, cups and sharing food using same utensils. Since buying food outside is no longer considered safe, please pack a home cooked meal with you. Avoid sharing food to the maximum possible extent. Bring your water bottle for water and mugs or cups from home for tea time. This way you can be safe in the knowledge that only you are using those utensils. If your workplace can spring for a UV Sanitiser then you can even leave them at your desk and sanitise them before use each day.

Copper Utensils

Safety First! Shield yourself as you step out into the real world. 6Copper is a miracle metal that is capable of destroying 99% of the germs that come in contact with it, within two hours of exposure. If you can carry or store water in Copper flasks, have a copper tumbler to drink from, or simply place a copper disc in the water dispenser, it not only cleans the water, but such water boosts your immunity. In the past months, it has come to our knowledge that the chances of corona infection is less in people with good immunity and recovery rates are significantly high even after contracting the infection. Include the use of copper utensils in your every day routine for better immunity and lesser risk of contamination.

Access Aids

Most infected patients of COVID19, are not those who got it directly from another Corona Virus affected patient. They contract it through indirect contact by accidently touching contaminated surfaces that have been exposed to COVID19 affected people. But when we move outside, all and any kind of access requires us to touch the surfaces, even something as simple as pressing an elevator button. What if you could do it all without any form of direct contact with surfaces. At Mantra Gold Coatings we introduce the innovative Self Sterilisng Corona FreeKey.

This simple tool is designed to resemble a key and is made of Mild Steel. It has been electroplated with copper, making it a sterile surface. The key can be used to access all kinds of utilities like pushing or pulling door handles, pressing elevator buttons, turning on switches, sliding doors, opening draws, turning and using basic kinds of levers, like those on doors, water dispenser etc.

This Multi utility tool provided with a key ring can be carried around with your key bunch or attached to a lanyard. Now you can move about without having to think twice about contracting the virus. Call us for enquiries or simply book the product off our website. You can purchase it to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are a business you can gift it to all your employees and show them you genuinely care for their health and safety.

Keep all of the above in mind and practise them every day when you go to and fro for work. They may not seem like much, but are practically your only barriers that will help shield you from the virus. If you happen to have more tips that you use for protection, please do share them with us and your fellow readers in the comments section below.