Redesigning The Home

Redesigning The Home

Home decor tips to get you through the COVID Quarantine

Whether we admit to it or not, our material possessions, however temporary make a significant part of our everyday lives. One of the most overlooked but significant possessions we own is our own home. The Government recently announced the 21 day lockdown due to the outbreak of the corona virus. Everyone is confined within their homes and the tension is quite palpable.

AS the saying goes, we need to make good with what we have and what we have right now is the need to stay home and stay safe. So lets make the most of this time spent at home, bonding with the family and making our home a safe sanctuary for both our body and mind.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Redesigning The Home 1A Clean home is a peaceful home indeed. Much of our conflict arises from the clutter around us. Much as we love personal hygiene, we need to practise our environmental hygiene, our present environment being our home. Clean out every nook and cranny and get rid of junk that has been clogging the energy of your home till now. Regulate your space to get all that energy flowing through it, making it come alive with positive qualities. Treat your home as you would a child and clean, adorn and adore it.

Redo and Make do

Sometimes even a little bit of change can make a lot of difference in our perspectives. Just a simple rearrangement of the furniture can give you the feeling that your home is a whole new and delightful space. Move any armchairs and sofas, such that they face the windows or verandah. This may seem contraindicative of the welcoming atmosphere you want to show guests, but remember its just you and the family during the quarantine period. Open up the windows, turn your chairs towards them and soak up the natural ventilation and light. It also helps you save up on your electricity bill.

Rethinking Spaces

Redesigning The Home 2Spice up the existing fabrics with a fresh set of curtains and cushion covers that will transform the theme. If you are inclined to darker and heavier shades and fabrics, try replacing them for a while with breezy cottons and pastel and earthy tones. Lighter fabrics tend to give a roomier ambiance and are easy on the eyes. Add some rugs and cushions on the floor by the verandah to sit and relax on. If you notice that certain pieces of furniture have not been used for a long period of time you can think about removing them or repurposing it elsewhere. An unused Bean bag from your college days can become fun furniture in the kids room. This will free up moving around space that is essential with everyone at home.

A Paint Job

Redesigning The Home 3A little paint never hurt anyone. You can turn this into a messy and fun family activity instead of calling the professionals. Throw on some old clothes and start painting away in colours that you want to try out. You can also check out DIY tutorials for making stencils and creating textures. You can even choose different themes and colour schemes for each room. The living room needs to be vibrant and bright, while more subtle shades go into the bedrooms. Stark whites for the verandahs and playful colours for the kids rooms. For personal spaces, always choose soothing and subtle shades. There is no end to your imagination and creativity when it comes to painting your home. Remember although painting is a temporary décor you may not want to invest in it too often. So make sure you are choosing colours that you will want to stick with for a few years.

Separate workspace

Many professionals have been given the option of working from home. The most common mistake that people tend to do while working from home is to work from the bedroom. Remember the bedroom is where you go to relax and sleep. If you continue to work from the bedroom, your brain will get attuned to it and start becoming more active in this space. It will literally condition itself into thinking this is where you work. Set up a small workstation for yourself that is little away from the distractions of the rest of the family. This will enable you to enjoy the luxury of the other spaces of your home without the stress of thinking about work. Impress upon the family the sanctity of your workspace and ensure no one disturbs you there. You can also try varying your workspace depending on the time of the day. Soak in the early morning sun rays and the delicious coolness of the evening air by choosing an outdoor working spot like the garden or verandah if you have them.

Bring down the heirlooms

Redesigning The Home 4The fascination with ancient Indian art is catching on and the novelty of Brass and bronze handicrafts has hit the shelves again. There are family heirlooms like dainty trinkets, idols and vessels that are likely to be lying in the attic catching dust. Bring them down and place them around the home to beautify it. Metals like brass, copper and bronze vibrate with an inherent frequency that is cleansing. They create a positive and productive ambiance, essential to maintaining peace at home. They are not only pretty but aid in enhancing the space in a natural way. You can leave them out even after the quarantine to be aesthetic showpieces that attract the eye of your guests.

Puja Room

Redesigning The Home 5At trying times like this quarantine, we turn to the Gods as our last refuge and hope. Clean out the Puja room. Take turns in decorating it from flowers to streamers. Paint colourful rangolis and dress up the Gods in brilliant drapes that catch the eye. This is all in an effort to inculcate good spiritual practices while keeping up the morale at home. It is a stressful situation and seeking refuge from a higher power or unburdening our troubles at the feet of the Gods is a viable way to ease the tension.

We offer free interior designs concepts on our website that will surely aid you in decorating your home. These artful visualisations enable your own creativity to flow and do up your walls, shelves and floor into masterpieces. Connect with us for ideas and themes and share your home décor experiences in the comments below. Say home. Stay safe.

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