Real life miracles of Krishna

Real life miracles of Krishna

Lord Krishna is a favourite among the young and the old. Children are mesmerised by the miracles he performed in the tales our grandmothers used to tell us. There is mystery and drama from his birth to his death that leaves everyone captivated. Scriptures say that he was born in the 3rd millennia BC, on the 8th day of the waning moon at midnight, under the Rohini Nakshatra.

He was destined for greatness and there was no denying his divine status. His miracles called as Krishna Leelas were praised far and wide. The Bhagavad Gita, a tome of his preaching is still applicable even in modern times and modern scenarios as a guide to how we need to live our life.

Krishna Leela in the age of the Mahabaratha

Even before he was born the people learnt of his greatness from an ethereal astral voice that prophesied it. When Kamsa planned to kill him at birth, because of this prophecy, his father Vasudev saved him by taking him to his friend’s home in Vrindavan right after he was born. He grew up performing various miraculous deeds such as defeating the demon Kaliya and his evil uncle Kamsa. He showed Yashodha the entire universe in his mouth, after making her think that he was eating mud. He protected the people of Vrindavan from torrential rains that was threatening to wipe the town out. He lifts the Govardhana Mountain so the people and livestock can take shelter under it. He played a crucial role in the Mahabaratha war, tipping it to the point of victory for the Pandavas. He was also the only person in Duryodhana’s court who stood up to help Draupadi when they tormented her.

Like the ancient days, the faith that people kept in him has resulted in modern day miracles. His devotees give up their burdens to him, chanting his name, under the belief that he will help them when all else feels lost. At Vrindavan where he grew up there are hundreds of people doing voluntary service there. Krishna had touched their lives in one way or another and to such a great extent that they dropped everything else and came to be closer to him. They felt his presence in their service to others. Let us have a look at these modern day manifestations of this lovable God.

Real life miracles of Krishna 1

Calling Krishna as a witness

If you ever get the chance to go to Vrindavan and attend the holy circumambulation of the town called as Vrindavan Parikrama, you might run into a kindly old lady who serves water to the devotees along the way. She sings songs in praise of Krishna and is teary eyed with devotion. She tells the tale of her devotion to the people who interact with her.

 As a young girl she was from a very wealthy family in Aligarh, but her father who was financially irresponsible squandered away their properties in enjoying a luxuriant lifestyle. Her father’s friends warned him that it would lead to trouble in the future but he paid no heed to them. The day came when her wedding was fixed and her mother figured out they had no money for a proper wedding ceremony. Her father went to borrow from his friends but they all turned him away as he had not acknowledged their warnings before. They were also hesitant because they knew he had no means to repay the loan. Five days before the wedding her father mortgaged their home to meet her wedding expenses. He worked hard day and night to repay the loan. The wicked money lender stashed the money away and brought him to court saying that he had not repaid the loan. Her desperate father boarded a bus to Vrindavan and prayed to Krishna as a last resort.  That night Krishna appeared in his dreams and assured the old man that he would appear as his witness in court and help him win the case. On the day of the court appearance, her father gave the name of his key witness as ‘Banke Bihari’, which is the name of Krishna in Vrindavan. When the judge called out the name of Baknke Bihari, an old man wrapped in a blanket appeared as the witness. When asked to show his face, he removed the blanket and to the amazement of the people gathered there, Krishna appeared before them and told where the money lender had hidden the cash, and disappeared. Since then the Judge had retired and become a devotee of Krishna and so did the lady who devoted her life to the God.

Real life miracles of Krishna 2

Krishna becomes a Ticket Collector

A train runs from Mathura to Vrindavan every day ferrying thousands of devotees to and from the Lord’s holy place. The ticket collector of the train was yet another devotee who led a life of purity and charity that made him feel close to Krishna. Whenever the train arrived at Vrindavan he would get off to see Krishna at the temple. One day he had to wait to see Krishna as the Prahar was closed when he arrived there. To his dismay he saw that the train had left by the time he got to the station. Dejected and sure that he would lose his job, he went to the station master to tender his resignation. The astonished station master told him that he had just submitted all the proper documents and boarded the train to Mathura, and asked him how he got back here so fast. The Ticket Collector realised that Krishna had saved his job by impersonating him. He joyously resigned his job and chose to lead a life of piety and service to Krishna at Vrindavan.

There are countless other such incidents from each of the people there in Vrindavan and from all over the world. Krishna chooses to appear before pure souls to help them in times of dire need. It takes a life of righteousness to recognise that he has chosen to present us with his divine presence. If you or your loved ones have experienced him in their own lives, share the tales with us and your fellow readers in the comments below.

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