Vaya Leaf 25.2″


Handcrafted brass décor, designed to mimic nature, shaped as a drooping bough of Vaya leaves. The nature inspired design creates a sense of comfort, and a rustic ambiance. Vaya leaves in Hindu mythology are compared to purity and piety. The piece releases pure positive energy that brings peace and prosperity into your lives. The brass and the metals in the finish keep the aura of the room positive and pleasant. They have an aesthetic that goes well with both ethnic and contemporary themes. Brass objects are often used to manipulate the Vasthu of a space, and you can now do that in style with these wall hangings. They are best hung at entrances and in living room walls.

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Weight 1.52 kg
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 62 cm
Base Material



3 Years


Brass & Copper