Natarajar 5.2″


Handcrafted Brass idol of Nataraja, the Lord Shiva in his dancing Thandav pose. Nataraja means the “Lord of Dance”. This image of Lord Shiva is a very dynamic, a freeze frame of vibrant motion. The idol of Natraja enables us to channel our energy productively and in creative ways.Natraja is portrayed as surrounded by an Arch of flames which denotes the cosmic flame, the origin and end of all creation. He stands on a Lotus pedestal over the demon ‘Apasmara’, symbolising the defeat of ignorance. All artisans and dancers especially, lay offerings to Natraja before any performance.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4.5 × 13 cm
Base Material



3 Years


Micro Gold Plated