Nandhi Bell 6.4″


Handcrafted brass bell topped with a Nandi figurine, the symbol of Lord Shiva. Bells have a rich history in India, and are rung during auspicious hours and events. The sound of the bells is supposed to clear our minds, ward off evil, and give us clarity. The Nandi figurine is in the classic seated posture as depicted in all Shiva temples. The Nandi, is the Vaahans and also the war general of Lord Shiva. Ringing the Nandi bell conveys our prayers directly to Lord Shiva. The sound is cleansing, and the metals give off positive vibrations. The bell must be rung every day when you perform the morning and evening Puja, for the Gods to bless your homes with protection and prosperity.

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Base Material



5 Years


24K Gold Plated