Nandhi Bell 4.5″


Bells or Ghanta have a rich history in India and Hinduism. Bells are rung to mark auspicious events. They are hung at the entrance of temples. Devotees are encouraged to ring them on entering and they are rung during Pujas. The sounds and vibrations of the bells are reminiscent of the Primordial sound “ OM” . This gives clarity to our mind and evokes our subconscious. Be it temples or homes, no Puja is complete without the twinling sounds of bells. This Brass bell coated in 24Kt Gold is topped with a Nandhi. This is symbolic of alerting the Gods to our prayers as we whisper our prayers into the ears of the nandhi. The Nandhi bell adds a wholesome feel to your Puja thali.

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Weight 0.227 kg
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 5 cm

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