Kamadhenu – 1.5″


Gold plated idol of Kamadhenu, the divine cow. She is the fount of all creation and rose from the churning of the cosmic ocean by the Devas and Asuras. She is said to contain all of divinity within her. A representation of Selvam and Vatsalyam, she is worshipped as the embodiment of motherhood. Depicted with a cow’s body and the head of a woman with wings, she stands framed by an enchanting tree with detailed leaves. In the golden hue of Gold plating she emenates the glory of divinity and the prosperity she blesses her devotees with. There is an interesting story to her. King Kartaveerya and his exhausted army stops at sage Jamadhagni’s ashram to rest. The sage is able to provide food and drink to the vast hordes of men. Surprised by the gresture, Kartaveerya implores him to reveal the source of his generous offering. Jamadhagni reveals that his ashram is the abode of the Holy Kamdhenu who grants his every wish. The greedy Kartaveerya tries to capture her for himself. Kamadhenu then singlehandedly thwarts the King and his entire army. Such is her power and blessed is the home where she is worshipped.Read more

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SKU: ID0252 Weight: 0.042 Kg Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.5 in Finish: 24kt Gold plating
Warranty: 5 years
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Weight 0.042 kg
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.2 × 1.5 cm

24kt Gold plating


5 years

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