Kaliya 2


Panchaloga idol of Bala Krishna immortalised as he danced atop the Snake Demon Kaliya. The Bal Krishna idol represents motherood and the innocence of children. As a baby, his birth father Vasudev, leaves him at the house of his friend Nanda in Vrindavan to protect him from the Demon King Kamsa. In Vrindavan he is beset with demons that Kamsa sends to kill him. The demon serpent Kaliya poisoned the Yamuna with his venom. Krishna slays the snake by dancing atop his head and making him spit out his poison. Growing up he conquers Mathura restoring the throne to his birth parents , the rightful heirs. Having a Bal Krishna idol at home is akin to having an actual Child with us. Worshipping it fills our hearts with pure love and affection. It is especially important for couples who are hoping to beget a child, to properly consecrate and worship Bala Krishna. Placed in the North- East corner of the house and with due Pujas, the Lord blesses the household with children and happiness.

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