Gomatha – 2.75″


Bronze idol of Gomatha with her suckling calf. Though many animals and trees are worshipped by Hindus, the Gomatha is venerated as Goddess Lakshmi herself, taken birth to bestow us with abundance. Stories from folklore tell the tale of a cow raised by an old couple in a village. One day the cow spoke to the old lady and warned her of a demon, as black as the night who would attack the village and how to kill him. Amazed at the talking, the lady follwed the instructions and pushed the demon into a pot of boiling water. She slew him and saved the village. The cow was then recognised as Goddess Lakshmi who had come as their saviour.The Gomatha is engraved with intricate details, Covered in silver and 24 Kt Gold that is befitting Lakshmi, the Gomatha when placed and worshipped in our homes brings much desired affluence.Read more

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SKU: ID0214 Weight: 0.418 Kg Dimensions: 5.5 x 9 x 2.75 in Finish: Golden Silver
Warranty: 3 years
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Weight 0.418 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 9 × 2.75 cm

Golden Silver


3 years

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