Door Knocker


Intricately handmolded brass dor knocker , shaped in the form of a majestic lion’s head. A very fascinating piece of home decor that is prevalent in the royal households, giving an air of power to your homes. The metal Brass colloquially known as “Peetal” or “Pithalai” has subtle vibrations that have a profound effect on our environment. The metals copper and zinc combined cleanse the air of negative energy, leaving us destressed and calm. As the handles would be the first to be touched before entering a closed room, they alter our emotions positiviely. The metals add warmth to any decor and usher in prosperity. In beautiful brass antique finish, it is a must have for those whol love the traditional designs.

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Weight 0.644 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 4 × 7 cm

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