Corona Freekey


The Innovative Self Sterilising key named as “Corona FreeKey” is the latest invention that is key to protecting yourself against COVID19 infection. Mantra Gold Coatings offers a Mild Steel version that is designed with all aspects of access that you would come across in your daily life. Did you know that the average Corona affected individual contracts it through indirect contact with surfaces contaminated with the COVID19 virus. The microbe is capable of surviving on most surfaces and materials from 3 days to upwards of a week. This is a serious situation where we are under the constant threat of exposure. It is only so long that you can keep pushing at doors with your feet or pressing buttons with your elbows, which would still make one susceptible to the disease. The key enables you to press buttons, push doors, pull on handles and turn levers. The key comes with a key ring for easy handling and carrying.
Mantra Gold Coatings Self Sterilising Key is made of Mild Steel, Electroplated with pure copper. Copper is the only material that is capable of destroying germs that come in contact with it. The copper essentially self sterilises, keeping you protected from further contamination which is still a possibility with other materials.

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SKU: CO0011 Weight: .03 Kg Dimensions: 1.3 x .59 x .07 in Base Metal: Mild Steel
Copper Plating: 50 microns
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Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 1.3 × .59 × .07 cm
Base Metal

Mild Steel

Copper Plating

50 microns

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