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    Sindoor dibbi


    This delightful Sindhoor dibbi is an essential part of Puja accessories. The Sindhoor is the mark of Saubhagya and Maangalya. Moulded in brass and plated with 24 Kt Gold, the sindhoor from this dibbi is imbued with their postive energy and refresh our minds. With floral motifs that adorn its otherwise simple looks, the Sindhoor dibbi on your Puj thali will be the envy of others as you offer prasad to them.

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    Place water in your Puja room in this simple yet indulgent Gold plated Brass sombu. Water and brass are good for vasthu and is important for bringing prosperity into our homes. Lighting a lamp before this will guide Lakshmi into our family and she shall bless us with abundance. The water absorbs any negativity leaving our minds clear and fresh to perform the Pujas correctly.

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    The viboothi cup is fashioned in the likes of an alms bowl as it is always associated with the ascetic Shiva. He covered his body with ashes to cool himself in the fiery energy emenating off him. Likewise the Viboothi is offered as prasad to everyone who takes part in the Puja. The minimlist design makes it merge well with your Puja room decor while the rich Gold plating gives it an indulgent look.

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