pooja room design

Puja rooms are the abodes of the Gods in our own homes. They deserve to be richly decorated like the heavens above, so that the Gods feel at home.

The Puja room is the soul of every home. Fill it with light and positive energy with our Mantra Pooja Mandirs, idols and accessories.

Beautiful dark wood frame with a laser cut SS inlay and granite base accentuated by bells andkumils.

Dark brown richly carved frame, with miniature kalasams, bells and kumils.

Dark brown wood mandir with decorative details and convenient storage space for Puja articles.

Traditional temple design with GP bells and convenient storage space for puja articles.

A temple chariot design mandir with a lotus base, with elegant carved pillars and gold accents.

Dark wood frame and door panels set with GP Ashtalakshmi panels with Gajalkashmi carving on
the frame.

Gajalakshmi carved wooden frame and doors set with SS panels with GP bells and copper accents.

Richly engraved wooden arch with granite base and GP accessories. Storage space for puja

Walnut brown wood frame with granite base and GP accessories. Storage space for puja articles.

Temple chariot design Puja mandir with laser cut SS inlay doors and convenient storage space.

Stepped dark wooden frame with luxuriant carvings complemented by GP bells. kumils and

Walnut brown carved wood frame with wooden base accentuated with GP temple accessories.

Pooja Mandir for Home

The puja room in your house can be beautified with a beautiful wooden Pooja Room Design and Puja mandir. You can buy God idols, Pooja Plates, Kumkum Box, Agarbatti stand, lamps, and more so that you can perform various pujas for the good of your family. You can pray for success in business for peace, good health, prosperity and more. And, since festivals are right around the corner, you can easily shop for everything related to worship and festival!. Are you looking for temples or house of worship for your new or renovated house? At Mantra Gold Coatings, you can choose from a series of beauty Pooja Room Design to blend perfectly with the interiors of your home, while creating a mystical place of spirituality to offer your prayers.

Buy Mandirs Online At Mantra Gold Coatings
Mantra Gold Coatings offers premium-quality home decorative products and accessories for your Pooja room decoration and your spiritual well-being. Choose from a range of devotional products and accessories from Mantra Gold Coatings.

Buy Pooja Lamps at Mantra Gold Coatings

The brightness, divinity, and holiness of the lamps given to the Almighty can overcome evils, remove negativity and become a symbol of peace and happiness. Buy beautifully crafted lamps with mantra gold coatings for your temple or home decor. Brass lamps are popular among many devotees. Spiritual vibrations are seen around the glowing lamps, creating a celestial aura in the area where these lamps are placed, attracting cosmic power and positivity.

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