Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 Lockdown has brought us all to our knees with the entire world nearly coming to a standstill. This has crashed our plans for events, occasions, trips and nearly everything that we desired. But do not lose hope as this is all a temporary lapse in our regular lives.

Planning anything has always taken more time than actually executing it. There is usually a time constraint in planning things smoothly. However you are now given plenty of time that you can use to your advantage.

There are plenty of people who are posting about their beautiful home makeovers during the lockdown. This is not possible for all, as everyone does not possess the DIY materials and décor items. It is fascinating how they manage to procure all these items despite the lockdown. But nobody can stop you from imagination and creativity when it comes to planning something. Plan everything you want to do around your home, to the last detail and you are ready to go right after the restrictions are lifted.

A Clean home, A Peaceful home

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 1With all the members of the family being at home, there is so much energy confined within a closed space within each home. Any clutter and junk will attract this energy and stagnate them in pockets around the house. This will lead to negative energy and feelings of conflict. Thus before planning a makeover, you will need to clear out the junk and waste. If you haven’t used something for over 6 months, you are most likely not to use it ever. If it is still in good condition, donate it, if not dispose of it responsibly. Clean out every nook and cranny to allow for free flow of energy.

Reassess Reusability

Some things in our possession are just too dear to lose. However they may have lost their original functionality. Reassess everything you feel can be reused and recycled. The new term is Upcycling, where something that has been discarded as junk can be refashioned DIY style to make something new for décor. Put aside everything you feel can be remade that way. Preferably take it to the garage or where you would normally work on your DIY projects. Save the DIY videos or instructions with clear labels on your phone or computer. Place whatever materials you have with you for its transformation along with the objects. Once the lockdown is lifted you can get the rest of the materials and get to work.

Reimagining your home

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 2Rethink the way you look at your home. It would have a particular set of décor and furnishings now. You might want to experiment with new furniture or décor. Download some basic editing software. Take pictures of your home and try changing the furniture around. There are few architecture and interior design softwares where you can upload the plan of your home and enter its dimensions to get a 3D model walkthrough of it. The apps and sites provide you with various furnishings and decorative objects that you can set in place to get a virtual idea of how they would look in real life.

Colour in your dream rooms


Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 3You can also play around with different color palettes. Experimenting with different themes and settings will help you understand the tastes of yourself and your family members. Each room and the exterior can be designed to suit individual tastes and preferences. There are helpful websites that teach you colour therapy and how to set the tone for each room. They also take in the personality of the people to give you the best colours that will induce a calm, loving and productive atmosphere. You can try texture paints, wall murals, stickers and even DIY motifs for an attractive and personalised ambiance. You can plan cartoon characters for the kids, traditional wall murals for the foyer and living room, textured paint for the bedrooms. There is almost no end to how much you can use a little paint to spruce up the place. If you can get this planned beforehand, then it is a simple matter of getting the work done. The contractor or interior designer will also have a clear picture of what you want and how to get it done.

Bring down the heirlooms

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 4Old is Gold, especially when it comes to our family heirlooms. They are dainty and sturdy, and are catching dust in the attic. They are mostly made of traditional metals like brass, copper and bronze, which have healing and cleansing energies. You can plan how to incorporate them into your décor. With long unused, they are likely to have become grimy and tarnished. Cleaning them by hand is well and good, but is time consuming and is a labour intensive task. Set an appointment for after the lockdown with Mantra Gold Coatings’s polishing services. We provide Door- to- Door services*, where we pick up the items from your place, polish them and deliver them back safely.

For lifetime, maintenance free guaranty you can also opt or our innovative 24kt Gold plating services that come with high polish lacquer. The lacquer and the gold together will protect the objects for generations of use. All it needs is periodic dusting or wiping down to maintain it. The Gold metal also provides additional cleansing energy to the home. It will add a warm gleam to your home that will embrace it with positivity.

Puja Room

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 5The Pooja room is like the soul of our home. This is where we invite divine energy by praying to the Gods. Especially during these trying times, our last refuge for hope has been the Gods we pray to. So many people are redecorating their Puja rooms and sharing pictures. If you don’t already have a perfect Pooja mandir set up, then not to worry. Mantra Gold coatings has an exclusive Pooja mandir collection with all the necessary accessories.

Handcrafted Brass and Bronze idols, Pooja thalis, decorations are available in beautiful textured finishes in Brass, Copper, Silver and 24kt Gold. If you already have idols, you can choose to get them polished or plated in gold to render them maintenance free. We also offer hand carved Wooden mandirs, accessorised with metal accents. Tiny bells, Kumils and kalasams add character to the handsome mandapams.

Home Décor Products

Planning a Home makeover in COVID-19 Lockdown 6Browse through the Mantra Gold Coatings website to view through a variety of traditional and contemporary home décor products. You can place your order online now. Customisations are available on request, which can be planned with our Customer Care executive. Our websites also offer Interior design concepts and themes with our home décor products. You can see how they will look when placed in different settings, scaled to their actual sizes. This will give you clarity in choosing the products you want to purchase.

Prebook your products on our website now. Contact our customer care executives for offers and customisations. We also make orders from scratch for designs that you provide us. Products will be delivered at the earliest possible right after the lockdown is lifted. Connect with us for more themes and share your home décor plans with us in the comments below. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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