Impressive traditional and contemporary decor to up the ante of your home’s exteriors. Mantra’s line of idols and home decor comes in all sizes and shapes to transform your exteriors into a style

Powerful imagery in visually pleasing designs greet your guests before they even step into your homes. Handcrafted by local artisans, these brass and bronze pieces are from the soul of India.

The decor is available in various finishes of brass, copper, silver, gold and enamel. The metals vibrate with a pleasant energy that envelopes your home in a positive aura.

A rustic metal plant pot with a tree sprouting from it that blends smoothly into your garden

Let each entry into the home resonate with the toll of the Omkar bell.

Give your home a new identity with Mantra customized Name plates. An expression that’s you.

Shimmering Lotus blossoms and leaves, that rise up from the waters of the

This silver masterpiece is Mankind working together, striving towards a common goal.

The outcome of a modernist thought process, built on the wheels of society.

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