Miraculous South India Traditions that can change your life!

Miracles of lighting a lamp

Curious to know what miracles can happen by practicing South Indian Traditions?

Do you pray daily? Well, a small ritual a day can remove your problems away. Making your surroundings glow with lamp adds even more energy to your day. Alright, walk through the blog to know the miracles that can happen by just lighting a Diya!

Miraculous South India Traditions that can change your life! 1

The lighting of the lamp is an ancient ritual that is practiced in every Hindu household even today. It is a simple ritual that is done twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

In many homes, the Diya in the Puja room is kept constantly lit. Although viewed as a ritual for ladies of the house, contrary to popular belief the lamp can be lit by both men and women. It must be lit after cleaning the house thoroughly and taking a purifying bath. This is because the Deepam is often venerated as the Goddess Lakshmi herself.  The light of the diya symbolizes auspiciousness. The light is said to attract the qualities of prosperity and fertility.

Our life is governed by light. It dispels the darkness and enables us to go about our daily tasks. Thus, the light is considered a symbolic representation of ignorance being dispelled by knowledge and evil being vanquished by good. The daily lighting of the deepam, however, is to attract the attention of Goddess Lakshmi and guide her to our homes. Lakshmi blesses only those who are pure of heart and mind with her wealth.

power of lighting a lamp

Miracles of lighting a lamp can happen when you cleanse the lamp to maintain its cleansing quality and the ability to spread positive energy. This energy emerges from the sattvik vibrations. It can purify our inner nature. The various materials used as the wicks and the different oils have a different effect on us. Coconut oil, Castor oil, Sesame oil, and Ghee are considered the best for use in the lamps. Wicks can be made of Cotton, Lotus stem, saree cloth of red or yellow or white cotton cloth. Each of them is used for a specific purpose.

The lighting of the lamp has its own shlokas as per Hindu Scriptures.

SubhamKarotiKalyanam, Arogyam Dhana Sampadah, Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa JyotirNamostute.

‘ I salute the One who is the lamplight that brings auspiciousness; prosperity, good health, the abundance of wealth, and the destruction of the intellect’s enemy (6 enemies – Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, and matsarya)’.

After lighting the deepam we chant the following shloka or prayer:

DeepajyothiParabrahma, DeepajyothiJanardhana, Deepo me hara tupaapam, Deepa JyothirNamostute

I salute the Brahman, the sustainer of the creation, in the form of this light. I salute the Lord; may He destroy afflictions resulting from my omissions and commissions. Mantra Gold Coatings has an extensive collection of lamps in traditional and contemporary designs. To browse the full collection, visit the website www.mantragoldcoatings.com or drop in at our nearest store.


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