Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life

Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life

Our health is the only thing that helps us sustain throughout our lifetime. How often does an unhealthy choice make us regret it, by taking its toll on our body? Being healthy is a way of life that has to be practised daily. It’s a conscious series of choices that we make to better ourselves by keeping us healthy. Genes sure play a significant role health wise, but we need to supplement it by making an active effort to stay healthy.

In this blog we are going to show you simple and effective ways to keep yourselves in check. These lifestyle changes will ensure you never stray down the path of bad health. They need to be followed with a lot of self control and conviction. Occasional indulgences are allowed but they are not to be entertained at every whim and fancy.

Break out the moves

Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life 1Exercising is a great way to stay in shape. However not everyone can afford a fancy gym membership and gym equipment at home. This may sound like a dampener to your fitness ideas but it’s time to get creative. You don’t strictly need the expensive tools and routines to get your workout done.

Swap them with imaginative ideas to replicate them to the best possible extent. If you need dumbells, fill water bottles with wet sand and they get the job done just as well. Do floor exercises at home for stabilising core strength. If you are aiming at flexibility, then try yoga postures. They also build core strength and boost the functions of all the organs of the body.

The other major mistake that everyone makes is following their workout with long periods of being sedentary. Especially people with desk jobs seldom move out of it. This eliminates the benefits of the workouts. Try to move more by doing all your simple works yourself instead of getting someone else to do it.

Wake up a little early every morning. Even a window of 10 minutes goes a long way in giving you time to do simple exercises like stretches. If you are sufficiently motivated, then take a proper morning walk. This will help you soak up some old fashioned Vitamin D and keep your bones healthy and strong.

If your office is a short distance away try to get ready a little early and walk to it instead of taking your vehicle. Reach office a little early and take the stairs instead of the life. The same applies if you live in an apartment. Use the stairs as they are a great way to exercise your legs.  If you need to move from your desk for fetching supplies, do it yourself instead of asking some junior or helper to do it.

Turn to fun activities like Zumba which can be done with the family, especially kids. This will make you forget that you are working out and instead it gives the impression of having fun. Engage in physical sports with your children. It is beneficial for both you and the kids. Do stretches often to get rid of muscle fatigue.

Nourish your Body

Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life 2Well fed doesn’t necessarily mean well nourished. We, especially Indian families tend to stuff the children and adults alike with as much food as possible, thinking it to be healthy. But it is not so, even if it is wholesome home cooked food. You need to rethink and find out if what you are eating is meeting the daily needs of nourishment that your body needs. Anything in excess is just going waste and may even have adverse effect on your health.

Assess the calories and nutrients your body needs. There are lot of sites and apps available online that take your age, height, weight, occupation and other dietary needs into account and give you meal plans and nutrition requirements everyday. Partake seasonal fruits and foods that are well suited to the environment you are in. Take your physical workouts into consideration when settling on a diet.

Aim for a balanced meal consisting of sufficient carbs, protein and fresh fruit and vegetables for your vitamins and minerals. Instead of gorging yourself in lesser number of meals, space out your food between multiple meals a day. This will keep you feeling full and satiated. We unconsciously tend to consume a lot of calories through packaged drinks. Try to swap them with healthy fresh juices and green tea. Avoid carbonated drinks as much as you can.

The food you eat may not always be processed properly by the body. Consult a doctor and find out if you have any deficiencies. Try to meet them with food as much as possible, but if that is not possible, take medically approved supplements.

Managing Stress

Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life 3Stress is an invisible enemy that is batting away at your health, without you even realising it. Those zits you are getting, the hairfall, decreased brian function may all be attributed to dietary deficiencies while theya re actually the physical manifestations of your stress. Stress increases your cortisol levels, negatively impacting your health.

You are very important and prioritising your health over everything else is a must if you want to continue as a well functioning member of society. Meditation is one of the best ways to alleviate the pressures caused by stress. A healthy workout routine can also bring down stress levels. Communicate your feelings in a productive way to the people around you. A lot of stress is caused by miscommunication within the personal and professional circle.

Schedule yourself some ME Time. This is time that you spend as you please, engaged in activities that are pleasant to you. Unplug yourself from electronics and savour the peace you have. Also scheduling your day beforehand takes away the stress of uncertainty and delays. Proper planning and execution may take some time to perfect, but once you get there, you are free from tension.

Prioritse your Sleep

The current lifestyle is adversely affecting the sleep time we get. Long hours spent over a screen. Be it phones or computers, they are robbing our body of the rejuvenation time it requires. This may be fine in the short run, but it has a huge impact on the health in the long run. It can even lead to insomnia and depression.

Get a healthy 7- 9 hours of sleep. Try to head to bed early if you have trouble falling asleep fast. Don’t engage in stimulating activities like exercise and gaming right before you go to sleep. Put away your phones and computers and give your eyes and brain time to rest. Practise meditation techniques that can help relax your body and get you to sleep faster.

Figure out where your stress comes from. Try to work your way around the triggers. If a certain person is the one creating stress. Have an open discussion on the adverse impact they are having on you. If the problem persists, consult with a good doctor. They may give you aids and techniques to get better sleep and work on your stress factors. Make active efforts to do this.

Reduce Substance Dependency

Making Healthy Lifestyle changes for a Healthy life 4It may be alcohol or other substance, but over dependency and intake of them can roll your health on a downward slope. Try to minimise the consumption by setting a personal limit for yourself. It is difficult to stick to this, but make conscious efforts to garner self control. Smoking take a toll on the respiratory system. Alcohol especially is high in calories and causes dehydration. It has a debilitating effect on brain and other organ functions.

Try to cut back slowly by matching every drink with a non alcoholic drink. Eat well before and during consumption. This will leave you feeling fuller and decrease your consumption unconsciously. Swap your cigarettes with nicotine patches and chewing gum. These are initial steps to reduce the substance dependency.

If you are looking to quit, seek the aid of doctors or communities that slowly bring you out of the addiction with proven and effective methods. It is not wrong to seek the help of others to guide us to good health.

Making these changes to your life can bring surprising results by way of your health. It is impractical to bring them all into effect at once and then mourn the failure to do so. Take it at your own pace. Seek the help of your family and friends and make them your support system. Try to encourage others around you to do the same. Its good to know that others are also going through the same path to gain good health. The body is what contains our soul, our life force. We need to take good care of it, to sustain our soul.

If you have any helpful tips or want to share your personal journey to good health, then share it with us and your fellow readers in the comments section below.

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