Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life!

Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life!


Doesn’t the world seem to be such a better place when we are happy? The days are brighter, the nights are serene, our entire perception of life is cleaner and clearer when we are boosted up with a good dose of laughter. This emotion or expression of it, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough, is vital to living a healthy and long life. A stress free happy person, is a healthy person who is capable of spreading joy anywhere they go and anyone they interact with. Here’s a look into how we can harness the energy of happiness to lead fulfilled lives.

Before that we need to understand how laughter manifests a positive change to our body. There are complex chemical reactions and electric signals that in combination amp up our body and mind. Here is how it does it.

Why laughter is the best medicine

Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life! 1A good laugh releases lots of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the hormones that lead to a temporarily sustained state of euphoria, which can have a profound positive impact on the body and mind. The released endorphins give us a state of pleasure and calmness. This is essential for developing peace of mind and the feeling of safety. Besides this there are other ways that we can benefit from a good laugh.

It relaxes the facial muscles and loosens up all tense muscles from the body.

The relaxation of muscles consequentially reduces any aches and other discomforts.

It can prevent heart diseases by regulating blood flow and easing the heart valves.

A happy person is someone who can have a flexible attitude and personality.

It can lead to better judgements and decision making capacity.

There is overall decrease of interpersonal conflicts when a person is happy

Anybody with a good sense of humour tends to be intellectual and have a deep understanding of people and emotions. Their Emotional Quotient is also high.

A Natural Sense of Humour

Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life! 2Being a happy person can help us float through a lot of life’s struggles. Some of us are naturally born with a keen sense of humour. An individual who has the gift of good humour will exhibit the following characteristics.

They can lighten up a tense situation without antagonising anyone involved.

They enjoy the company of equally humorous and intellectual people.

They tend to read literature that is funny and lighthearted.

They can laugh at their own mistakes and seldom try to find fault elsewhere.

They can brush off jokes made at their expense, if the intent wasn’t to hurt them.

Developing a sense of Humour

Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life! 3Not everyone is born with instincts that make them genuinely funny. But humour like any other skill can be mastered with a little effort. While we make so much efforts to hone our personality in many other ways, humour can make us quite likeable and attract the right kind of crowd to us. It can make a big difference to our self-esteem as we create a space around us where other people are comfortable in. This sense of humour, results in us being surrounded by happy people, which keeps our endorphins elevated as well.

Here are the ways that you can pick up a funny bone for yourself.

Seek Good Company

Try to keep yourself surrounded with funny and cheerful people. You will eventually start emulating their behaviour, as happiness is infectious. The cheery demeanour will soon become the norm for you. Spend more time with people you love. Create moments with them that you can cherish as memories. Their company will keep you calm and comforted. Laughter is easy around them, keeping you hape and hearty always.

Practise laughing

A practice when practised enough becomes a habit. So does Laughter. It costs absolutely nothing to smile. So smile and laugh as often and willingly as possible. Smile and laugh in front of the mirror. What begins as a simple exercise will soon have you laughing easily

Laugh at Yourself

Do not hide yourself under the blanket of embarrassment. It’s better to laugh with them, than have them laugh at you. Own up when you have done something silly, and cultivate being able to laugh at yourself.

Find the Humour around you

There is always a funny twist to the things that happen around us, however hard the situation seems to be. Turn the tone to be lighthearted and try to find the humour that’s hidden right there. Try to read, watch and do what makes you happy.

Social Benefits of Laughter

Laughter, the Secret to a long and hearty life! 4Being a happy and cheerful person can open a lot of doors for you. People are easily attracted to you and are generally more receptive. A confident smile can go a long way in ensuring the people you interact with are reassured by your presence and words. A lot of tension and negative energy is reduced in the zone around you. This breaks down barriers and keeps us alert to the opportunities around us.

Happiness and Humour are an art that can be successfully cultivated if we put our mind to it. It is next to impossible to be in a constant state of happiness, but our emotional state is in fact a choice. Even in times of duress, you can still choose to be happy about things that you have been blessed with. Try to rise above the murky waters of the negativity and find the ray of sunshine. Right now, with the entire world filled with uncertainty and grief, we all need some laughter in our lives to brighten up our day. All the advice to be productive and build personality is good, but take time to keep yourself and the people you are with, happy. Only an elevated state of mind will help you power through this stressful period. Laugh willingly and with abandon. Seek what makes you happy and tickles you funny bone. Binge watch that series, catch up on knock knock jokes, make weird faces in the mirror or simply have a tickle fight with the family. Do what it takes and share your love and laughter with the people around you.

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