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Indoor Projects 1

The interior of a home speaks volumes about its inhabitants, as it reflects the depth of their personality through their choice of decors. Mantra believes that interior decors must emanate the sort of energy that makes everyone feel at home, brings great prosperity and blesses the home with abundance. This is possible with Mantra Gold Coatings’ soulful range of interior décors.

From idols, figurines, wall, table, and floor decor, there is a piece to serve every unique taste. Each product in Mantra is individually handcrafted with the finest of brass, bronze and panchakola by traditional artisans of India. Various art forms from all over the country form an extensive collection of over 2500 designs.

Mantra adds finesse to the artefacts with our beautifully fashioned brass, copper, silver and the signature Mantra 24kt gold finish. Each metal has a distinct vibration that harmonise the energy of your home, for a peaceful, joyous life.

Indoor Projects 2
Elaborate customisable Ganesha sculpture made of pin-heads, perfect for adorning large open walls in living rooms, and atriums
Indoor Projects 3
Intricately crafted filigree wall hangings arranged in aesthetic asymmetry, perfect for accent walls in home or office spaces.
Indoor Projects 4
Table top Buddha seated on a lotus pedestal, framed by an elegant tree, in earthy tones of beautiful brass and calming copper
Indoor Projects 5
Handcrafted brass lamp depicting an elephant that goes well with ethnic décor for the classical art enthusiast
Indoor Projects 6
Colourful sculpture of Buddha that creates a calming ambiance in your meditation space, detailed in red and green enamel
Indoor Projects 7
Artistic bouquet of water lily flowers, leaves and buds to freshen your desk with designs inspired from nature
Indoor Projects 8
Opulent wall hanging (brass tree with lotus pond) set against a dark frame with fluttering brass birds to make your walls vibrant.
Indoor Projects 9
Contemporary round mirror set with a copper frame, edged with individually handcrafted and engraved brass pineapple cutouts
Indoor Projects 10
Elaborate customizable Buddha sculpture made of pin heads, perfect for adorning large open walls in living rooms and atriums.

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