Mantra’s unique range of contemporary home decor is a delight to the senses in a myriad of designs. From idols, wall, floor and table decor there are thousands of choices to indulge in. Our team of interior experts guide you skilfully in the art of turning your houses into statement homes.

Handcrafted in brass and bronze these elegant pieces come in an array of finishes in Brass, copper, silver, gold and enamel. Each piece in unique in its features and capture the hearts of old and young alike.

With the subtle, yet powerful vibrations of these ancient metals, they harmonise the energy of our homes. When the air is full of positive energy, it creates the perfect environment for happiness and prosperity. Check out our interior concepts for luxurious decor ideas.

Fluttering butterflies that fly across your walls in swirling patterns of your choice

The innocence of art, that is captured in the image of a child dancing, full of dreams and hopes

Butterflies sparkle around the silhouette of the Buddha; Serenity at its best

Our ties to creation are deep rooted with the tree of life. Birds in a fanciful flight swarm around it

Wall decor that’s full of life with lush foliage, surrounded by twittering birds

Nature sneaks into your home in a branch, abundant with flowers falling across your wall like a dream

Brass leaves in random shapes and sizes, customizable to pattern of choice

Fresh breath of decor that charms your heart with exotic tropical birds in flight across it

An underwater adventure. An enchanting maid of the water as she swims through the seas

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