If you can’t Go Outside, then Go Inside

If you can’t Go Outside, then Go Inside

We are so used to moving out and about in Society, that this sudden quarantine has proved to be a strain on our bodies and minds. In a regular day, most of the household members would have stepped out for work or otherwise. But now everybody is placed in confinement and has only the rest of the family to interact with. All the stagnant energy within a small space could lead to conflict.

But there is a significant positive note to this quarantine. When the whole world was rushing towards success and other material possessions we had no time for self-care and focussing on the relationships at home. Now there is ample time in our hands that can be used to groom us personally and nurture the inter personal relationships at home.

Inner Peace

If you can’t Go Outside, then Go Inside 1The search for inner peace has been going on since the evolution of civilization. This need stems from the complicate and intricate fabric of emotions and relationships we have weaved around us. So what is inner peace? The definition of Inner peace is a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors. It is a healthy state of mind that performs at an optimum level with a positive outcome. This can be cultivated with various form of training such as breathing exercises, prayer, meditation and yoga.

Now each of us has plenty of time at hand which we can spend productively in the betterment of the self. It is time to reflect and gather our thoughts and intentions and figure out where we stand. With this self analysis we can create a cocoon of positivity which can be extended to the whole family. This will help us face the real world out there once we step out from this quarantine. This can be achieved with just a few minutes spared towards it.

Set a social limit

Cut down the time you spend on social media. There is only so much you can scroll through without feeling the fatigue of useless information. They do not matter in any way to your personal life. Disconnect the phones and laptops and connect with the actual people in your home. This exercise will help you realise the environment around you and make you more sensitive to your family’s needs.


If you can’t Go Outside, then Go Inside 2Set aside some time for yourself. Time that will be spent alone. This does not mean lounging in front of the TV with a snack bowl. Try out relaxation techniques that can be done within the confines of your home, like meditation, pranayama, easy yoga asanas etc. that will relieve you of any pent up stress. This is applicable to both physical and mental stress.

Respond, not React

With everyone cooped up at home, it can be a stressful time with emotions flying hither and thither. Everyone is on their toes ready to burst into negativity. Ask yourself when you feel that you are about to fly off the handle is this is worth the emotional impact you will have on the rest of the others. This infinitesimal time that you spend on reflection will soon become a habit that will boost your performance even in your professional life.

Take your own sweet time

For once you are not rushed to complete deadlines. Savour each and every moment and give it your best. If where you gave 70% in a short period of time, try to stretch the time to give it your 100%. This will aid you in discovering your full potential, and ensure that you are always prepared to give your best at every task. With practise you will find that you are able to accomplish things faster and better than you would have before.

Unclutter your mind

While you meditate, reflect on all your innermost thoughts and fears. These are things that are privy only to you. Some of them have been mental blocks that have prevented you from taking big steps. Like the need to keep our environment clean for a healthy body, you need to clean up your thoughts for a healthy mind. Reread each thought and think whether this is useful to you or your loved ones. Apply this to the ones that are hurtful and evoke anger. Soon you will be rid of those thoughts and feel the burden literally lifted off your shoulders.

Organise your space

If you can’t Go Outside, then Go Inside 3You can turn this into a project for the entire family. Spatial organisation is very important to having a peaceful ambiance. This peace will be reflected in your mind as well. Encourage each and every person to reorganise their space or rooms and do a bit of decluttering. This way you will not feel stifled when you enter any room in your home. Having a dirty and messy environment can lead to anxiety and heaviness of the mind. You can avoid a lot of chaos by spending a little time in organising your space ergonomically.

Communication is key

Humans, especially Indians are taught to hold their voices in times of conflict. Over time these accumulated doubts and misinterpretations can cause some serious damage to relationships. Learn to ask open ended questions that will help clear up any miscommunications. Spend some time in just learning about each other. Once things are cleared up, the inner turmoil that was bothering you will disappear and will be replaced with clarity.

These simple but effective practises have gone a long way in helping people achieve inner peace and build better relationships with loved ones. Remember you first need to take care of yourself before you are fit to take care of others. We can easily lose ourselves in what we believe is the best way to go about our lives to achieve success. It is important to set aside time to find ourselves and keep us grounded, with inner peace. If you have any motivational stories of your journey with finding this elusive inner peace, share them with us and our other readers in the comments section.

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