Experience devotion in various shades of spirituality. In gleaming brass, copper, silver and gold, give the Gods of your home a makeover that will become prized possessions and heirlooms for generations.

Prosperity takes residence in your home as you shower the gods with the most precious of metals. Mantra’s 24Kt Micron Gold plating is a cost effective solution to your gilding needs. Give the Gods the best and be blessed with the best.

Old to Gold

Watch your faded antiques transform into brand new with the Mantra plating services. Your precious idols are safe for the future with the Mantra Nano Tech Lacquer that protects it from the elements.

Choose from our exclusive range of finishes to complement your decor. In single, dual and multi toned finishes, your options are endless. Find varied choices in stains, available in each metal coating to suit the artful, traditional and modern tastes. Mantra services ensure hassle free renewal and delivery of product with our team of experts, who prioritise perfection.

The colours of creation, from the Mantra Plating services.

Festive hues that are cause for celebration, from Mantra Plating services.

A palette that pleases the heavens, with Mantra plating services.

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