How to make your homes fit for the Gods

How to make your homes fit for the Gods

There is a saying in Tamil – “Kalyanam Pannipaar, VeetaiKattipaar”. It loosely translates into implying the difficulty behind performing a wedding and building a home for oneself. A home is a major expense that falls on the family and for many it is still a dream. We pray to the Gods or everything and seek their blessings and support in every endeavour. However we need to reflect whether the home we have built for ourselves is fit for the Gods that we wish to be with us.

Most Hindu households have a separate space for the Puja room. But due to space constraint and budgets, we cannot expect every home we build or buy to have a dedicated space for the Gods. This is where Mantra Gold coatings brings you elegant solutions to your spiritual needs.


How to make your homes fit for the Gods 1The idea came to be in an effort to integrate and promote handicraft artisans who use wood and metal. We offer a wide range of mandapams in a combination of wood and metal and in pure metal in gorgeous designs that will make you fall in love with your new home all over again.

Puja mandapam at Home

The Mandir must be placed in the North East of the Home, preferably in an airy and well-lit space. The Mandir cannot touch the floor directly. There must be at least a 2 feet gap between the base of the mandir to the floor. Make sure there is a rangoli to the front of the Mandir always. This can be painted on permanently or done on a daily basis. The Mandir and the surrounding area must be cleaned every day. The lamps in the mandir must be lit twice a day at dawn and evening, with offerings made to the Gods.

 Wall mount Pooja mandirs

These are perhaps the most ergonomic mandirs of them all. It is so much easier to stand and perform the Pooja and it leaves plenty of standing space for the guests and the rest of the family to participate in the Pooja. It is mounted directly on the wall and has a minimum width that keeps it from protruding out onto usable floor space. They are usually a combination of Wood and metal, with the mandir being made of wood and decorated with metal accents.

How to make your homes fit for the Gods 2

There are simple Pooja mandirs like the one featured above. They hold and frame just a single painting or picture. The mandapam is designed in the South Indian temple architecture style. Carved pillars and tiers are topped with handcrafted copper Kalasams. Charming Kumils and bells adorn the mandapam in an appealing way. They are all plated with 24kt Gold to heighten its spiritual design. The picture on the background can be changed to the clients’ needs. We also carry gorgeous, traditional Tanjore paintings depicting the Gods and Goddesses, that can also be made to order.


How to make your homes fit for the Gods 3Then there are the contemporary wall mount mandirs that incorporate modern elements and metals. The mandir is hand carved from teak wood with a laser cut Stainless Steel latticework on the background. A Wooden frame is fit into the back for painting or picture of the Gods and Goddesses. The mandir has a wooden base on which is placed a shaped Granite slab for keeping the idols and lamps. The mandapam has no dearth of finery with copper Kumils, Kalasams and brass bells, all plated with 24kt Gold for added aesthetics.

Floor mounted Pooja Mandapams

Floor mounted mandapams are an ideal choice for homes that have slightly more space yet less than what is required for a full-fledged Pooja room. They occupy an optimum space with a wooden mount that satisfies the criteria for leaving a 2 feet space between the mandir base and floor. The Mandapam can be simple or elaborate based on the client’s desires.

How to make your homes fit for the Gods 4

The mandapam has a Wooden base over which rests a granite slab. Four carved pillars hold up a beautiful roof that is designed to mimic traditional temple gopurams. The background has both plain and laser cut steel lattice to frame the idols. Like the other mandirs the wood is complemented by copper Kumils, Kalasams and bells that are plated over with 24kt Gold. The mandapam sits solid on the ground and is sturdy. It doesn’t require much in the way of installation. The mandapam is fairly tall allowing you to place even ideals with more than average height in them.

How to make your homes fit for the Gods 5

However with the lack of a room there is the question of storage space for the numerous Pooja articles and accessories that goes into our rituals. Having an inbuilt storage space in the Pooja mandapam will eliminate the need for extra space in other cupboards or leaving things lying out in plain sight. It will give an overall appearance of being neat and tidy. We also carry a line of Puja mandirs that have shelves and racks that can be used for storage. There are handsome handle and knob options for the racks that complement the mandir.

Metal Mandapams

How to make your homes fit for the Gods 6

There are pure metal variants of the floor and wall mounted mandirs for those who feel that wood may be a little high maintenance. The handcrafted mandirs are fashioned from Brass and copper with intricate carvings. The mandirs can be designed for any tone of décor with different textured finishes available in brass, copper, silver and 24kt Gold. A combination of these finishes can also be done for highlighting the features. The heavy mandapams have a carved metal base, pillars and gopurams in the traditional temple architectural style. The background is left plain or with a latticework depending on the chosen décor. The base is set well above the designated space from the floor. There is plenty of space on the base for the various idols, lamps and puja accessories. This mandapam looks perfect with metal idols, especially when the idols and accessories are plated over with Gold or Silver.


How to make your homes fit for the Gods 7Besides the Wall mount and floor mounted mandapams we customise entire Pooja rooms to fit into an available space. Complete with shelves, idols, backdrop and Doors, the ready to set Pooja room is made to fit into your home into a designated space. The doors and the main structure are carved out of the finest teak wood. The door panels are set with Copper plates depicting Ashtalakshmis or Ganesha and other Gods and Goddesses. The sides are heavily carved in floral motifs. The door handles are a particular feature of pride in various designs in handcrafted brass. You can choose from a selection of designs and finishes to your hearts content. Handy storage spaces that are built into the base and the sides will keep the room looking clean and divine always. The vibrations of the metals will have the space in good spirits always.

There are so many mandapams to choose from, at Mantra Gold Coatings and you can very well make them to order in a design of your choice and decorate it to your will. Complete manufacturing and installation is taken care of by our team for a hassle free experience. The metals and wood are lacquered to keep them maintenance free even with daily handling which considerably lightens your chores. Visit us at or walk in to our showrooms in Chennai. If you have a Mantra Mandir at home or have tips on decorating and choosing a mandir, share them with us in the comments below.


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