Gold Plating

Gold Plating

Mantra Gold Coating is well known for our signature 24kt Gold coating which is executed through the innovative NTGD technology. NTGD ( Nano Tech Gold Deposition) is a patented Nano technology that allows for lesser consumption of gold in Gold plating. Our Golden temple projects are mainly dependent on the kind hearted donations of devotees. NTGD technology effectively increases the affordability of the projects by decreasing the consumption to about 5 grams per sqft. In direct relation to this, our Gold plated idols are the most popular products in the Mantra Religious collection, as it conveys prosperity and auspiciousness. Our Gold plated idols are available in both our exclusive showrooms and our online store.

As opposed to conventional gold coating, the thickness of the gold layer using this method is reduced to microns. This is achieved through electroplating of Gold onto a suitable metal substrate, preferably copper, which is well known for its conductivity. The initial copper electroplating ensures a smooth even finish which is evident on our product quality. The same can be replicated with silver electroplating as well. The longevity of the product is also assured as the gold is plated on rather than applied as a coating. The overall finished product is significantly lighter and easier to handle than products coated through conventional methods. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the gold deposited through this method is 100% recoverable at any given point of time. Gold recovery is easy up to 95% of it and the balance 5% can be recovered with additional cost and efforts, but it is not generally recommended. The Mantra plating projects are executed with ease and efficiency using this fabulous technology that has revolutionised the entire industry and given us a significant edge over other competitors.

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