A gift is something straight from our heart and should express all our feelings. Let your loved ones know just how much you care for them with meaningful gifts from Mantra.

Mantra products are made of premium metals that emanate positive vibrations. Gifting a Mantra product means you are gifting good health, wealth and happiness to your loved ones.

Brass and Copper Radha Krishna to strengthen the family bond of young couples.

Beautiful brass Ganesha that brings the wealth of knowledge to their homes.

A divine Natraja in Gold framed by the cosmic flames for the dance enthusiast

Brass and copper Hanuman in veneration of Rama to imbibe courage.

Gorgeous Golden Sai Baba seated on an elegant throne to guide them to Mokshaas

Brass and Copper Gomatha with her suckling calf to bestow the blessing of fertility.

Elegant brass bowl held up by two graceful figurines as a choice decor piece

Handsome lotus candle stand to light up their evenings with the light of love.

Stately lotus blossoms and buds in silver antique and Gold for a soulful atmosphere.

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