Five best Gifts for your employees
Every festive season, brings with it the confusion of how best to show your gratitude for the people responsible for your success. The gifts have to convey your appreciation, as well as your wishes for their well being. At Mantra Gold Coatings, we have selected five choice gifts, that will evoke warm emotions.
Desk Organiser:
Handcrafted desk organiser with a traditional touch. In beautiful brass antique finish, they are designed after the Champa flowers and leaves, that are considered auspicious in Hindu mythology. The desk accessory that doubles as a functional paper and file holder, will help them keep their workspace organized, increasing work efficiency.
Paper weight:
This attractive Apple shaped paperweight is a cute and unique desk accessory. A professional’s desk is incomplete without the quintessential paper weight. Handcrafted from Brass, the paper weight also keeps the space enveloped in positivity.
Time piece with calendar:
A stately table top time piece, with a calendar is a signature gift that is appropriate for the workplace. The gift helps them keep their schedules and makes them time conscious. Handcrafted from Stainless steel, it is coated in pure 24kt Gold. This attracts success and prosperity at work.
Wellness flask:
The ultimate gift that shows your love and care for them, the copper wellness flask.The water consumed from the copper flask enhances good digestion and enzyme production. It regulates and cleanses the blood flow. The copper kills microbes in the water and keeps it pure.
Gift vouchers:
Every person’s taste differs. It is difficult to understand each employee and gift them specific to their tastes and desires. However you can present them the gift of choice. Mantra’s Gift vouchers for custom amounts, and attractive discount offers will enable them to explore a unique piece of India’s handcrafted heritage. They can browse to their heart’s content, and choose their own perfect gift.
Mantra has so many more unique and functional corporate gifts to offer. Browse through our entire range. Pick out the gift and customize it with your monogrammed logo and company name. Contact our customer executive for attractive offers on bulk orders.

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