Effective Ways to Spend Your Time During Quarantine

Effective Ways to Spend Your Time During Quarantine

Redecorate your Pooja room to Rejuvenate

The entire world is struck by the Corona Pandemic and people of all ages have been confined to their homes. Governments are encouraging us to be responsible citizens and help keep the spread of the virus to the minimum extent possible. This has resulted in everyone bursting with energy that has is confined within a small space, instead of being dispelled into the world with our daily routine. This accumulated energy is immense and distracting, which can end in conflicts.

Some people who are so used to being on their toes at work, choose to relax and spend some time in leisure. But too much leisure can make one sedentary and their energy is wasted or transformed into negative emotions. At times like these it is best to figure out group activities for the entire family that will keep us occupied and active. You can make use of this time and people to finish chores around the house that you have been waiting for help on.

Clean up the clutter

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Assign everyone tasks to take care of their individual spaces. A cluttered house not only gets unclean and in addition there is extra energy going around. In the event of a pandemic, highest priority must be given to cleanliness and hygiene. Get rid of all the junk that’s accumulated over the years and clean every nook and cranny. After this you will notice a marked improvement in overall health in the family, especially for those suffering from allergies.

Divine spaces

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Pooja rooms are the places at home where the most divine energy is concentrated. Being in the space has the power to transform our own energy into positive and productive power. This is only possible when the puja room is kept clean and open for flow of energy. The Pooja room can be as simple as a single stand on the wall to a dedicated room filled with idols and Pooja articles. At any size and space it should be brimming over with spiritual energy that envelopes and protects the whole home. One of the most effective ways to divert the extra energy of the household is to clean and decorate the Pooja room, enhancing its divinity.

Paint it right

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The Pooja room should be in serene colours that will keep us calm and motivated. Choose a pleasant colour theme and even throw in some fun DIY designs. Clean the whole space and cover up the shelves. Make it a project for the entire family instead of hiring painters. This will develop creativity and imagination. This will also keep the kids occupied for quite some time and allow them to have some messy fun. Subtle shades of yellow and orange with traditional motifs work well according to visual therapy. If you are good at art, then you can even try your hand at painting traditional temple art on the walls giving the home, an actual feel of a temple.

Enchanting entryways

If your Pooja room has a traditional door, you can paint it in such a way that it is easily distinguishable from the other doors. Temple doors are panelled and decorated with copper sheets which can be easily replicated at home with the Mantra Gold coatings, decorative door panels. There are interesting laser cut Stainless steel patterns plated with brass, copper, silver and Gold. There are also beautiful 24kt Gold plated copper panels that depict different gods and goddesses like the Ashtalakshmis, Ganesha, Dasavatharam etc. These can be inlaid into existing doors. There are also frames that can be set over the door engraved with divine designs and iconographies.


The Pooja room must be well lit and bright to allow the flow of energy. Dark spaces tend to stagnate the energy. Choose effective warm white or pleasant yellow lighting. So if your Pooja room has dull lighting or is dark, then you can change out the lights and in different colours. This will help dispel any negative energy and brighten the space. Decorate the shelves and stands with glittering fairy lights. You can also place small focus lights to create a beautiful effect on the idols and paintings. This will make you feel light hearted and energised when you enter the Pooja room.

Don’t forget the floor

The floor before the altar is where we sit or stand while conducting the puja. The Indian tradition of Rangolis is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate the floor. As a daily activity you can teach the kids to use the Kolam powder to make rangolis on the floor in the Pooja room. You can also choose an elegant pattern and have it painted permanently on the floor. Alternatively there are various floor décor available with us. The most popular floor décor is the Uruli. A traditional South Indian brass or bronze bowl, which was earlier used for cooking and serving is now serving an ornamental purpose. It is placed on the floor and filled with water. Flowers can be floated in the water or arranged in decorative patterns. This makes a beautiful addition to the home and the Pooja room. It also cleanses the space by absorbing any negative energy in it.

Furnishings fit for the Gods

Effective Ways to Spend Your Time During Quarantine 4There are ready made and custom made Puja mandirs available with us that can be installed directly into the Puja room. The combination of wood and metal complements each other perfectly. They can come with gorgeous adornments and compartments that can be sued to hold your Pooja accessories. This considerably frees up the puja room and keeps it tidy always.

Powerful idols

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It is important that the idols and paintings of the Gods you have in your home are capable of channelling the divine energy. Poojas and other rituals are only effective when there are receivers of the blessings in your space. The idols must traditionally made of brass and bronze. Additionally metals like copper, silver and Gold help attract the qualities of luck and prosperity. At Mantra Gold Coatings we have handcrafted Brass, Bronze and Panchaloga idols in finishes of Brass, copper, silver and 24kt Gold. If you already have metal idols at home, this is a good time to have them plated with 24kt Gold. This enhances their divine value and increases their potential to focus energy into the home. It also acts as a receiver for wealth and fertility. We also offer top notch Gold plating services that are of international quality. They also come with a protective lacquer coating that makes them maintenance free, increasing their life.

Redecorating your Pooja room comes with lots of benefits that enables the family member to keep them active and productive. This is a choice way to also maintain positive energy levels that are essential for harmonious living. Relationships are greatly improved and well-being comes to reside in the home. At Mantra Gold coatings we understand the need for personal safety and have a well-stocked website that you can browse and shop from at your leisure, right from home. We have idols, Pooja articles, Pooja mandirs, decorative panels, floor and wall décor that are handcrafted by traditional artisans.   We hope you spend this well deserved time with family members and spare some time to decorate your puja space. You are welcome to share your experiences, tips and photos with us.

At difficult times like these, we need the support system of our family and the Gods the most. Make use of the ample free time in this quarantine to clean and decorate your home and pooja room. This will dispel any stagnant energy and enhance the flow of positive energy within the home. It will be a productive activity for the entire family and improve interpersonal relationships to a great extent. Choose from exclusive pooja and home decor collection at Mantra Gold coatings on our website  www.mantragoldcoatings.com and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Our products are processed through disinfectant sprays and handled with strict safety measures. Immerse yourself in the positivity of Handcrafted Brass and Bronze in gorgeous finishes of Brass, Copper, Silver and 24kt Gold

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