Creating an efficient workspace out of your home

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home

The COVID 19 Quarantine has confined us all within the walls of our homes. While it is a proven holiday for students and some sectors, most of the working professionals have been given the choice to work from home. Working from home is not a new concept as certain industries in addition to paid leave give their employees a few days a month that they can opt to work from home instead. However the majority are so used to working from the professional setting of the office that it is becoming a test of faith to work from home.


There are simple and effective ways to make your own home, an efficient working space that even your office cannot beat.


Sacred WorkSpace

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home 1Set up different spots around the house where it is viable to work from. Working from one particular spot might soon cause you to lose your love for the place. Choose spots where the natural air and light hits at each part of the day. If you have the option of working from your balcony or porch, take it. The fresh air and view may take away some of the fatigue that occurs with continuously staring at the laptop or paperwork. Place soothing and attractive imagery in front of you so that there is always something calming about you to take away the pressures of work. To the maximum avoid working from the bedroom. This will eliminate a space for rest within the house. Your brain will get used to being active in the bedroom, leading to loss of effective sleep.


Import the Importance

Communicate and educate your family how important your work is and that it is implicit that they do not disturb you. Instead of commanding them to obey you, explain and divert the kids to other activities. When choosing different places to work ensure it is well away from the constant movement of other people in the family. It will also help you minimise the noise levels during calls and video conferences. Your work and its monetary compensation is getting you through this difficult times. So it is important to treat it with respect and give it its due space.


Social Distancing for objects

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home 2The 6ft rules of social distancing, also applies to the objects within your home. Spread out the furniture and other accents around the rooms to create a space where energy will have no problem in flowing freely. The inside of the front door must be clear of objects sitting right next to it. Remove any objects like shoe racks or decorative items from next to it. If you want to add some charm to your entryway despite that, you can throw a colourful rug or floor mat in front of it. This energy flow will be useful when you sit down to work as it will help you focus and commit to the work without feeling any fatigue.


Add some life to the space

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home 3Yes, we humans of the house are living beings but we need all the extra energy that we can get. The mood at home with others resting about while you have to work will create a sense of lethargy. Pets are great for bringing lively energy into the space. Take short breaks between your works. If you have pets then spend some time petting and plying with them. This simple interaction can help boost your morale. If you don’t have pots, you can bring in some plants from the garden. Instead of pots, you can use old teacups, vessels etc… to plant chia seeds or other herbs which grow quickly and are great for indoor energy. You can keep this right at your work desk.


Avoid Aggressive and bright colours

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home 4When working from home, what you face while you sit down to work is also important. While modern interiors call for bright and playful colours, the shades of red, maroon etc… might bring up feelings of aggression and anger. Never set up your working space facing these colours. Apply the same to other aggressive imagery and objects. If you thought communicating information to the rest of the team face to face was difficult, communication online is even more so, and it’s important to maintain the right emotional state to deal with this.


DeClutter and organise

Unlike your office with its various filing cabinets and shelves and desk drawers, keeping yourself organise at home is a challenge. The very presence of clutter can distract you from focussing on your work. Remove any knickknacks, cups and other junk that effortlessly makes its way onto every available surface at home. Keep a few boxes or magazine holders handy to file your papers away or keep them in folders. This will keep both your papers and your thoughts neatly organised and put away for future reference. Place these files away from the reach of children whenever you are resting so that they don’t mess it up or throw them away.


Set Tasks

Creating an efficient workspace out of your home 5Deadlines might be a little lax considering each team member is working from the constraint of their own space and data limitations. However it is important to set practical and realistic goals for yourself to prevent lethargy from creeping in. Remind yourself often that the time you have on hand now is precious. The sooner you get your work done and dusted, the more time you can spend with your family and create beautiful memories. Motivate yourself with simple rewards like getting yourself a well-deserved snack once you complete making a presentation. The faster you are done with office work, the sooner you can get back to the series or pick up where you left off with your hobbies.


Dress up

One of the perks of working from home, is that you don’t have to dress up and go through that exhausting commute. It’s essential to stay comfortable to be more productive, but your old pajamas may in fact be making you too comfortable to work. You don’t need to don a crisp work attire, but at least pull on some comfortable clothes other than the ones you would lounge in at home. Keep yourself presentable regardless of whether there is a work related video call or not. This will spike your energy and ensure you are always prepped to immerse yourself in your work.


It can be tough getting productive work done when your working environment has drastically changed, but it gets better with practise and an acceptance of the situation. It is completely possible with a little change in your mindset and the cooperation of your family. If you are a working professional who is working from home, and have any new tips to share with our readers, leave your remarks in the comments section below.


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