COVID-19 Cure at Early Stages

COVID-19 Cure at Early Stages

Dr.Deven, Professor of Surgery, Head and Neck at Indian Medical College.

Happy Day viewers! Here we are going to see about the COVID-19 Pandemic. The number of people and families being affected is on the increase all over the world. However over the course of the Quarantine, we have seen with evidence that Kerala has managed to flatten the curve and has stringently taken measures to stop the spread of infection. We have a lot to learn from them and this week we are going to share with you certain precautions and early stage cures that will help fend off the infection and its spread.

COVID-19 Cure at Early Stages 1The precautions that we can take in general are to practise good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with water and disinfectant soap. Use sanitiser when you step outside. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask while going out. Avoid unnecessarily touching any surfaces. Take a bath in hot water and disinfectant everyday and right after you get home from outside. Wash your clothes in hot water and disinfectant too. Make sure everybody around practises same hygiene routine.

First, let us look at how the human body react to any kind of viral infection without any external aid? Whenever we come into contact with virus, it enters the body through the various orifices. It can be through the eyes, nose or mouth, from direct inhalation and consumption or by touching our face with infected hands. Once the virus enters the body it finds a suitable environment and starts to replicate.

The human body soon realises this invasion and begins the initial defence responses to the infection. When the antibodies it produces are not enough to fight off the virus, it tries to stop the replication process by increasing internal body temperature. This is manifested as fever, sore throat, coughs etc…

This is the natural response to any viral infection. Thus we come to know that we need to increase the temperature to stop the virus from spreading more. This is why we are advised to consistently drink tolerably hot water. Boil water and keep it in a flask. Take regular sips from it throughout the day. This has to be done for at least 48 hours after the symptoms start becoming evident. The more you take hot water, the sooner you start sweating, meaning the fever is breaking. Post that the temperature increase and the natural immunity together will render the virus inactive. This is for people whose immunity levels are reasonably good.

COVID-19 Cure at Early Stages 2Immunity is dependent on the nutrient levels in the body. Sufficient minerals, vitamins and amino acids are required for this process. Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C etc are highly essential for good immunity. You can find all this in regular food we take. Only that we haven’t been giving them proper attention. You can get Amino acids from Sprouts and other lentils. Lemons, limes and oranges provide Vitamin C. Apples, Raisins and Dates are rich in Iron. Papaya and Watermelon seeds contain high amounts of Zinc. These are natural supplements and are tasty too. Include them in adequate quantities in your daily diet to boost your immunity. In the event that you are allergic to certain foods and your regular diet doesn’t allow for certain nutrients, then you can ask a doctor to prescribe you the necessary supplements as tablets or syrups.

If we focus on improving immunity through natural ways and immediately addressing the symptoms with the hot water treatment, in the early stages, we can bring down the mortality rate of those affected easily. If this is not implemented effectively, the body’s natural reaction to the respiratory system that is affected too much by the virus, is to shut the system down. Thus it is very important to arrest the infection at the early stages itself, or the body itself will start working against us. I repeat again that the first 48 hours are the most important and we do our best to increase our body temperature.

COVID-19 Cure at Early Stages 3There are lot of forwards and articles about certain drugs which has been offered as a potential drug for fighting the COVID-19 Virus. Kindly do not self medicate with this as a prophylactic treatment. Every drug has its own side effects. Doctors monitor and combine it with other drugs to supress the side effects. Thus no drug should be taken without medical advice. Do not ever self medicate. If your symptoms persist even after the hot water treatment and dietary change, call for medical aid. Do not go directly to the hospital. Call the Medical Emergency phone lines and they will direct you to the admission process after picking you up under necessary emergency procedures. Even when you are admitted in the hospital, inform the medical personnel of all and any drug allergies. This is necessary information for them to administer the correct medication for you.

Take these early precautions and cures with seriousness. This will save your life, the lives of your loved ones and countless other strangers who are saved from infection by your simple efforts. Stay Home. Stay safe. Happy Reading!

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