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  • Contemporary Gifts

    Coffee Dabra Set 3.2″


    Coffee is truly the drink of the Gods, and South India lives, breathes, drinks, and revels in the golden richness of the fresh Filter Coffee. Mantra presents the handcrafted traditional brass Dabara set, which is the authentic way to relish coffee. The Dabara and tumbler are available in our luxury 24kt Gold Finish, for the true coffee connoisseur. Brass is believed to have therapeutic and cleansing properties, and our ancestors prevalently used brass vessels in their everyday lives. The Gold also possesses positive energy and potent anti-oxidant properties which are imbibed by the coffee, from the Gold Dabara set. The set is sturdy to avoid spillage and ergonomically sized to fit comfortably in our hands.

  • Contemporary Gifts

    Gajalakshmi Lamp 3.6″


    Handcrafted Brass lamp topped with a circular shield depicting the Goddess Gajalakshmi, one of the eight Ashtalakshmis. She is depicted seated on her lotus throne, flanked by two elephants showering holy water on her. She is said to have risen from the cosmic ocean when it was churned for the fabled Amrit. Seated in the Padmasana pose, her upper arms hold lotuses symbolising purity and beauty. With the mudras on her lower hands, she protects and blesses us with prosperity. The Gajalakshmi lamp is a traditional lamp presented to new brides on the day of their wedding. It is also an auspicious gift for house warmings. The lamp must be lit twice every day, at dawn and dusk.