Boosting Immunity

Boosting Immunity

Boost your immunity; Safe guard against Corona

The need of the hour is for prevention of the spread of the corona virus. This 21 day quarantine is just the time required to cultivate healthy and hygienic practices in our daily life that will cull the pandemic. The timing is also perfect as psychologists say the time needed to change a practice into a habit is 21 days. The Virus can be fought off with a powerful immune system, which is quite lacking considering our fast paced lifestyle and food habits. The government has called for a complete lockdown and we are now provided with ample time on our hands to ensure we build our immunity. The community is made up of individuals and we, as a community need to exercise restraint and healthy practices. Let us look at how we can change our life for the better and protect ourselves from the threat of Corona.

Practise Hygiene


Boosting Immunity 1India is currently ranked amongst the top most unclean and polluted countries. This is mainly due to the personal habits of the population. This causes a lot of infection and disease to spread. You can help your immune system by practising personal hygiene and ensuring you keep yourself and your surroundings clean always. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently. This is a must before eating as we may accidentally consume germs from unclean hands. Take a bath in hot water with a good anti bacterial soap and do not wear the clothes you are wearing more than one day. Keep your nails clipped and clean. In case you need to step out for essentials and emergencies, as soon as you come back, soak the clothes in Dettol diluted water and take a bath immediately.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes that leads to immunosuppression. It has a debilitating effect on the respiratory system and also a leading cause of cancer. It takes a toll on the immune system. Quitting smoking may not seem like an easy task. But now you are surrounded by family that can act as an excellent support system. Once you suppress the need for it in these 21 days, you will not find the need for it later on. If it is induced by stress, then this is as good a time as any to find other productive ways to divert your mind and relax.

Change in Diet

A lot of us do not pack home cooked food and tend to eat out often. This is especially true for people who do not have a time bound job. The professionals who travel for work often are exposed to different types of food and cuisines, most of which is explicitly unhealthy. Being at home all the time, we are bound to have food cravings. Try out new recipes for healthy salads and snacks that involve a higher intake of fruits of vegetables. Pulses should be made part of daily diet to ensure intake of protein. Encourage kids to eat healthy foods by working a bit on how you present them. Kids are more likely to eat any food as long as it looks fun.

Since there is chance of transmission of virus from the groceries and other provisions we buy from outside, wash them thoroughly before stocking them at home. Cook the food through to eliminate the chance of infection and kill any microorganisms.

If available consume nutritious supplements in the form of nuts and other dry fruits. They are easy to store and consumed in small quantities each day to add immunity boosting nutrients to our diet.

Regular Exercise

The minimum movement we had during work is now lost with spending all our time at home. This free time doesn’t mean we should lounge around and eat well. It is important to keep exercising regularly to keep our immune system updated. Exercising makes sure we keep fit and our internal body functions are regulated. We are susceptible to many illnesses purely from the fact that our internal organs are not functioning soundly. Exercise also leaches out waste through our sweat. Create a sound routine for yourself that you will surely follow and it will become a habit at the end of the quarantine.

Get adequate sleep

Boosting Immunity 2No amount of healthy food or exercise can boost your immunity like a sound 8 hours of sleep will. Our body needs its rest to rejuvenate and meet the needs of each day. Free time may lead to binge watching series and scrolling through social media, but it is important to rest our eyes for the right amount of time. The internal clock of the human body is governed with the rising and setting of the sun. So when we say 8 hours of sleep, it does not mean just any time of the day or night. It should be anywhere between 8 pm to 5 am. Our organs self-cleanse and revitalise at night but only if we are asleep. Thus practise healthy sleeping habits to give your body time to cleanse and rejuvenate.


Boosting Immunity 3

Stress can take its toll on our immune systems, suppressing our body from absorbing the required nutrients. Stress can affect the production of anti-bodies which are the direct fighters of our immune system. Therefore we need to destress to boost our immunity. Practise relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. Such methods activate our healing chakras and flush out toxins from the body. A clear and relaxed mind diverts the extra energy to heal our body from within. Try to exercise caution while interacting with others to eliminate build up of unnecessary stress.

Introduce these practices to keep your body and min healthy. Activate and build up your immunity to strengthen and keep you and your loved ones safe from the imminent threat of the corona virus. If you have any tips and precautionary measures to this end, please share it with us and our readers in the comments section.

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