Boost your Bountiful Life this Akshaya Trithiya!

Boost your Bountiful Life this Akshaya Trithiya!

India has no dearth of festivals and almost every single day is marked by some or other auspicious event in various parts of the country. April month, when the seasons change is filled with new beginnings and marks the beginning of a bountiful year in all respects. It is no wonder that the Akshaya Trithiya or festival of Gold also falls during this month.

When is it celebrated

Boost your Bountiful Life this Akshaya Trithiya! 1Akshaya Trithya or Akha Teej falls on the third day after the New moon or Amavasya of the Chaitra month. For north Indians it is calculated as the Third Thithi of the Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month. Every second of this day is filled with auspiciousness and divinity. It is so full of good vibrations that there is no need to check for a good time during this day. From the context of the Akshaya Paathra, we know the Akshaya means bountiful and never ending. Thus this day is believed to be of never ending bounty and abundance. Whatever investment we make on this day will only increase tenfold and all ventures will be successful. Any knowledge that we gain on this day will lead to success and will always give us good luck.

Background and History

Boost your Bountiful Life this Akshaya Trithiya! 2Many Hindus consider this as the day that Lord Parashurama was born. It is also considered the day the Balarama, another avatar of Lord Vishnu was born. It is also the day that the Lord Ganesha started writing the Epic Mahabharatha as Sage Vyasa dictated it. Coincidentally it is in the Mahabharatha that the Pandavas were given the Akshaya Paathra o satisfy their sustenance during their exile. Among the farmers of India, Akshaya Trithiya is also celebrated as an agrarian festival.

Some texts of yore also suggest that this day marks the beginning of the Treta Yuga. The Gods Vishnu, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Krishna, Annapoorani and Kubera are associated with this day. The Jains celebrate it as the commemoration of the day that the Lord Adinatha or the Tirthankara Rishabha ended their one year long fast by drinking Sugarcane juice. Thus the Jain monks are served food by the community on this day, in honour of this event.

Astrology of Akshaya Trithiya

Boost your Bountiful Life this Akshaya Trithiya! 3Akshaya Trithiya falls on the Third day of the Shukla Paksha, or the brighter half of the month of Vaishakha. According to Himdu Astrology, the lunar days of Thithis are very auspicious. The Moon is at the brightest during these days, as it is in the exalted position. Those three days are very auspicious and various festivals are observed then, with Akshaya trithiya being one of them. The whole day is blessed by all the Gods and will lead only to success.

Festival rituals

People throng to the streets and banks to make their investments on Akshaya Trithiya. Anything you buy or invest will be multiplied and business ventures will be successful. This is why people invest in Gold and other precious metals and gems on this day. They are precious commodities in India and people struggle to buy them. But they believe that if bought on the day of Akshaya Trithiya, they will be able to afford it by divine intervention in the future. The gold and other precious things bought on this day are placed as an offering before the Gods. Puja is performed for Ganesha and Lakshmi as Ganesha is the God of auspicious beginnings and Lakshmi is the Goddess of material wealth.

People choose to hold weddings on this day so that the newly married couple can have a bright and bountiful life, filled with prosperity and fertility. Business ventures are signed and investments are made. Children are taught new skills that they can nurture for life.

Farmers of India, especially the state of Odisha consider it an agrarian festival. A male member of the family sets out early in the morning and does ritualistic farmwork. Produce from their fields are offered to the Gods, such that every crop may be as bountiful as this one.

While we make this day to be about achieving materialistic success and wealth in life, we need to keep in mind that Akshaya Trithiya has more spiritual than material significance. The day must be filled with meaningful efforts and acts of charity that lead to a pure and fulfilled soul. The aim here is to seek the truths of the divinity, and that is achieved with charity and compassion towards those less fortunate than others. If you haven’t done any so far, it is alright and you can start on Akshaya Trithiya for an auspicious beginning to a fulfilled life.

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