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Nestled in the heart of Ambattur Industrial estate is a pristine white building, bearing the name Mantra gold coatings. Established as a flagship brand of Smart Creations’s retail division in the year 2014, we have made our mark on the Global audience with our exceptional product quality and engaging customer service. India has a timeless bond with religion .It is a land of mysticism and has been a source of endless wonder. Our deep rooted morals all stem from the rich lore left by our ancestors. Beyond being the iterary centre of the ancient world, India is the forerunner of the Metal age.

Our history is abundant in Statuary and reliefs incorporated with metals and their alloys dating as far back as the Indus Valley civilization. Ancient India flourished at the hands of the artisan class with the Kings of yore as their atrons.


Our founder, Pankaj Bhandari for whom temple architecture was a love at first sight, had no esitation stepping into the Golden Temple architecture with his first venture Smart Creations  http://www.smartcreations.in/ in 1998.Working closely with local artisans, he was struck by his Stapathi’s (Chief artisan) words. He commented that he needn’t give training to new people, if we could retain the existing craftsmen from trickling out into other fields. Traditional metal work is slowly becoming an extinct art, going the way of gold and silver smiths. Determined to revive this dying profession, and having understood.

Pankaj Bhandari, a budding entrepreneur back in the late 1990’s has a hold on both the old and new. What started off as a tentative business model, in 1998, now stands as a sprawling factory complex with multiple showrooms in India and clientele all over the world.

Stepping up as a patron to revive the dying art of Traditional metalwork from going the way of jewellery making, Mantra Gold coatings was created as a flagship retail brand of Smart Creations in 2014. Mantra is steadily changing the trend of craftsmen trickling out into other fields. Pankaj’s calling to preserve our rich culture and simultaneously bring them to every home has grown into a multifaceted venture through the years.

The profound impact of bringing the energy aura of metals into our homes, Mantra was brought to life. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by descendants of our bygone craftsmen and finishes are rendered in the factory life.

His vision of Kalasam to Kavacham, is finally coming to fruition.

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