8 Steps to Create A Harmonious Home

8 Steps to Create A Harmonious Home

A harmonious Home is achieved with finding the delicate balance between all the elements. In this insightful blog , we are going to look at 8 different ways that you can create the peaceful, conducive ambiance that you so yearn for.


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Vasthu is looked upon as an arcane ancient Shastra that invokes the Gods to bless our home with prosperity and joy. In fact it is a simple science that involves the manipulation of light, air and construction elements to our best advantage. If your home isnt already Vasthu compliant, you might reconsider simple changes that adhere to Vasthu. With the change in ventilation, comes a healthier lifestyle.



2. Beating the Clutter

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A lot of clutter and too many objects in the home can cause a stuffy atmosphere that literally chokes our energy flow. The mind is confused with too much visual information and chaos to process. Get rid of all the stuff you haven’t used in a year (with discretion of course). Air out the rooms and keep everything spotlessly clean.




3. Design your Decor

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Plan your home decor ideas on a mood board. This planning ahead will help you figure out your taste, as well as what your home requires. Interior home decoration concepts are available at the Mantra Gold Coatings website and Social media accounts. Make sure the decor is subtle and does not go overboard with too many items. Lay out all your options and get the opinion of everyone residing in the home before you make any big decisions. This will ensure the decor is comfortable to everyone present.



4. Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is another version of Vaasthu that incorporates various natural elements. It stimulates the energy flow within the home, by strategic placement of various amulets and charms in different materials. Each material has its own significance. Consider these rules while decorating the house. The Home interior can be designed incorporating these materials , subtly blending them in as home decor items.



5. Puja Room

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Most Indian households come with their own dedicated Puja space or room. However if it is not there in the home, it is important to create a separate space for the same. This Puja space will attract positive vibrations as a benefit of your prayers. Mantra Gold Coatings has a dedicated religious artifacts range in Brass and Bronze , in Brass, copper, Silver and 24kt Gold finishes.




6. Self Space

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Create a separate area of the home for your work, hobbies and relaxation. You can also use this to meditate and cleanse your mind and soul. Meditation is one of the relaxation techniques recommended for Stress relief. The decor of this space has to be as close to what pleases your senses as possible. Mantra Gold Coatings has a wide range of contemporary home decor items that are perfect for the modern mind. This quirky pieces with a traditional touch are easy on the eyes, while cleansing your aura.



7. Individual Room Decor

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Although the home is a single unit, there is a distinct difference between each room. The living room decor has to be warm and inviting while the bedroom , needs to be calm and soothing.  The living room is the perfect place to show off your artistic personality. Without crowding too much, try to display your best pieces in the hall. The bedrooms can make do with simple wall art in a calming image. The placement of these decor items , be it wall decor, floor decor or shelf and table decor determines the energy flow of your home. Choose the artifacts according to the vibe of the room.



8. Metals to Soothe the Mind

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Metals like brass , bronze and Panchaloga are conductors of positive energy. They harmonise your home, creating a conducive atmosphere for peace, prosperity, love and happiness. Mantra Gold Coatings exclusive collection of idols, puja mandirs, home decor items that are handcrafted in brass and bronze with exquisite finishes in Brass, copper, Silver and 24kt Gold, all are designed to have maximum aesthetic appeal and energy cleansing. They are capable of absorbing negativity and exude positivity. While making up your mind about the above points , you can just as well log onto the Mantra Gold Coatings website and browse the collection. There are stunning interior designing themes and concepts that will make your work more easier. If you happen to live in or are visiting  Chennai, you can walk into your closest Mantra Showroom for a live view of our beautiful decor pieces.

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