10 Wedding Gifts below 1000Rs/-

The wedding season has begun after a small hiatus and the question on everybody’s mind is what do we gift the newlyweds. Giving cash, while useful seems a little impersonal, but getting a gift has become expensive and with so many weddings to go to, it is undeniably a strain on your wallet. But what if we tell you, you can present them with auspicious gifts that not only convey your affection and wishes, but also economical? The Newlyweds deserve the qualities of love, fertility, peace and prosperity in their new lives. The gifts you give have to portray all of these, openly expressing your good intentions and wishes.

At Mantra gold coatings, we have curated a special range of affordable, economical wedding gifts that are aesthetically pleasing and have an aura of auspiciousness. Each item is handcrafted to perfection from the finest brass and bronze, and coated in pure 24kt Gold. The products featured in the range include the following. They are also perfect for handing out to the wedding guests, as return gifts as a token of your appreciation for their presence. Here’s a glance at each one of them and why they are the perfect gift.

  1. Gajalakshmi lamp

                Lamps are the most symbolic auspicious gift you can present at a wedding. The Gajalakshmi lamp in particular depicts the Goddess Gajalakshmi, who is the Goddess of Abundance and fertility. Since weddings symbolise the beginning of a new life cycle, it is appropriate in every sense. The newlyweds require the blessings of Lakshmi to lead a prosperous life. This is also a gift given to the brie from her mother to be passed on through daughters and Daughters-in-law within the family.

  1. Kubera lamp

The Kubera lamp is the simplest form of the humble Agal Vilakku, embodied in metal. The reason it is called the Kubera vilakku is because lighting it invokes the blessings of the Prajapati of Wealth, Kubera. We all wish that the newly married couple should always live in prosperity, then this is an apt gift. The couple must palace the lamp in the Puja room in front of the Gods idols and pictures. The lamp must be lit at least once every day after a ritual bath and cleaning the home, to invite prosperity.

  1. Lakshmi coins

A direct representation of wealth, these brass coins, plated with 24kt Gold depict the Goddess Lakshmi.  The design is selected to reflect that this kindly Goddess governs over all material wealth. The coins are tokens to attract positive energy and invite the blessings of Lakshmi herself. The coins must be placed in the Puja room in front of the deities, preferably in front of an image or idol of Lakshmi.

  1. Lakshmi idol

A small but intricately crafted brass idol of Goddess Lakshmi. This idol’s presence in the home is akin to the presence of Lakshmi herself. The idol must be placed in the North East of the Puja room. A weekly Lakshmi Puja must be observed by the new bride to attain the benefits of fertility and auspiciousness. Since the bride is revered as Lakshmi in her in laws home, it is only fitting that she be gifted with a Lakshmi idol.



  1. Ganesha idol

                He is the God of auspicious beginnings. What beginning is more auspicious than the binding of two souls in holy matrimony? Ganesha is a requisite presence in every home and life, to hold us onto and protect us on the path to righteousness. The Ganesha idol when placed in the Puja room, will ward the home from negativity and protect the family in all their endeavours.

10 Wedding Gifts below 1000Rs/- 1

6.  Small Kinardar

                This beautiful and cute Kinardar is a Puja room essential to place idols and lamps on. Handcrafted in a decorative floral motif design, the edges of the plate are fashioned in the likeness of petals. The aesthetically pleasing plate is crafted and finished in metals that improve the positive synergy of the Puja room and the home. Give your lamps a delightful altar that makes for an alluring vision.

  1. Kumkum dippi

The most auspicious ritual in Hinduism, is the ritual streak of the kumkum on the Newlyweds foreheads. This is especially significant for the bride. The KumKum tilak signifies her status as a virtuous , married woman. The Kumkum is an ever present article of ever Puja, and is given as Prasad to the guests. Thus the KumKum dippi is a choice suggestion for a wedding gift, lighting up the homes of the new couple.

  1. Pendants

                Everyone loves jewellery, and jewellery that depicts the Gods we love the most, keeps their divine presence with us always, on our person. The New couple are subject to a lot of unwanted attention that attracts negative elements as well. They need the protection of the Gods constantly as they step into their new lives. Thus gifting them, Golden pendants depicting the God of their choice is a wise option when it comes to wedding presents. If you have a particular God you are fond of, you can also distribute the pendants as part of return gifts at your family weddings.

  1. kuthuvilakku

                Kuthuvilakku is a traditional element of every Hindu household. They are also play a significant role in weddings with the ceremonies being preceded by the lighting of the Kuthuvilakku by the ladies of the family. It is an auspicious heirloom that is also gifted to the bride as part of her wedding trousseau. These smaller versions of the Kuthuvilakku in both the classic design and the Kerala design are a gift that will always be welcomed with warm feelings.

  1. Mango leaf adornments

                Maa Ilai or Mango Leaves are another vital part of Hindu rituals. They are considered to be auspicious and capable of warding from negative energy. Thorans of interwoven mango leaves are hung at the entrances of homes and ceremony halls. This symbolic gift of handsome, handcrafted brass mango leaves are a whimsical choice of wedding gifts. The complementing finishes of Gold and Silver are dazzling and will light up the home as a decorative piece. They can also be used to present the Prasad to the Gods during Pujas. With this gift you are presenting them with pure auspiciousness.


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