Temple Projects

Our journey since 1998 started with our strengths in 24kt gold plating. We brought in the best of international technology in gold forming, preparation before gold forming to make the copper sheets non-porous and followed by the best in class electrophoretic lacquer technology. Slowly from 2001 onwards, the best jewellers, the big temple donors, large private temple trusts, started placing confidence in our quality of work and timely delivery schedules.

The Thayar Vimanam, Othakadai

The Golden Temple is built from Kalasam, Vimanam, Temple Door, Walls, Chariots, Vahanam, Kavacham and various accessories.

An invitation to Smart Creations, which motivated us to create total teams from concept to execution of golden temples.

Thanks to the team of Othakadai temple, who had faith on us. They wanted a single solution provider who could handle the designing, copper sheet formation and adorning with 24kt golden temple vimanam for thayar.

The only other requirement was completing the work in 5 months. With 35 artisans working day and night, Smart Creations completed in 162 days. The Kumbabisekham was witnessed by the cream of Madurai.

A typical golden Temple Architecture starts with the devotion of the devotees. The sheer bliss and happiness in their lives is because of their FAITH in almighty. Their mornings, evenings and dreams are filled with the question of how beautiful and comfortable can be their GOD s abode. It is in this journey we are invited to share our designs and concepts to make the temple even more beautiful.

It starts from a simple Kavacham to complex designs of the Vimana Gopuram. We sit with temple devotees and trustees, to plan the designs, estimate the time to be taken and what could be the possible financial commitments. Some temples have involved us with possible ways to raise money for the Swarna Mandir projects. Our veteran designers and artisans, come with their traditional tools and materials like wax, to prepare patterns for formation of copper sheets or do wooden works if required. These artisans have cumulative experience of 3 generations to execute HIS job.

We work where transparency is visible

We are humbled, by organisations, individual donors, temple administrators who have taught us how to be transparent in this business. We are fortunate, to be blessed by our fore fathers to be in business which gives us profits and also GOOD MONEY. This has bought us growth in all dimensions of knowledge, lovely team, happiness, peace and prosperity. From villages to towns like Sivakasi, Virudhnagar, from Mutts like Sringeri mutt to Isckon, from Divya Desham temples to Sabarimala, from Hindu temples to Churches, we have worked where transparency is demanded. We work primarily for private temples and trusts.

Do write to us on promotions@mantragoldcoatings.com or call us on +919884877722.